Will the Bengals win Super Bowl 51? Some people over at ESPN certainly think so. Here is what they are saying about the orange and black.

Colts punter Pat McAfee is one of the best in the league. But he wants people to know that he can play one other position if the Colts need him.

The Redskins have until 4pm Eastern time on March 9th to trade or release RGIII before his 2016 option kicks in that is worth $16.15 million dollars.

Here's a story that no one is talking about pertaining to the Denver Broncos' fairy tail ending.

Baltimore Ravens running back Justin Forsett is about more than just football and he made that clear to us today.

The New Orleans Saints experienced some major success in something no NFL team could this year.

With the Denver Broncos winning 24-10, many people believe Peyton's little brother looked jealous; however, as any true Manning fan knows, this is clearly another case of mistaken resting 'Manning face'.

The age old adage is that "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Well it don't get any colder than in the winter in...

https://twitter.com/espn/status/696551572222791680 How much stock can we put in these way too early Power rankings?  I mean, after all, free agency is coming up in March...

Von Miller offered major praise for this Atlanta Falcons head coach.

Here are five of the best tweets that we saw when the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50.
Super Bowl LI

The New England Patriots in the last fifteen years have been a safe bet. As of now, the Patriots stand atop the gambling mountain to win Super Bowl LI.

After nine years with the Titans, Tennessee released safety MIchael Griffin on Tuesday.

The New Orleans Saints have missed the playoffs in the last two years, but the Super Bowl champions might be able to help them learn how to bring home another Lombardi title.