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The NFL preseason has hit the midway point, which has brought into focus the strengths and weaknesses of teams across the league. Throw in reports from training camp, as well as injury problems, and the outlook for some teams has changed drastically – some for better, some for worse.

In the second preseason edition of Power Rankings, the cover32 managing editors set the stage for the season.


1. San Francisco 49ers
The first-team offense has struggled in limited action, but it hasn’t been on the field enough to elicit any worries. (LW: 1)

2. Seattle Seahawks
Trouncing the Super Bowl favorites – even if it’s only the preseason – deserves some attention. Pete Carroll has things on the rise in the Emerald City. (LW: 5)

3. New England Patriots
So far, the worries about Tom Brady losing his top-five receivers from a season ago seem like much ado about nothing. All is well. (LW: 7)

4. Green Bay Packers
The running game looks to be on the rise with Eddie Lacy and DuJuan Harris, which is key, as they must have more than Aaron Rodgers. (LW: 3)

5. Atlanta Falcons
Mike Smith has set the bar high – Super Bowl or bust. Matt Ryan has moved the ball well this preseason while the defense has to find some more playmakers. (LW: 6)

6. Houston Texans
Injuries to Arian Foster and Ed Reed have kept them out of camp thus far. Foster will need to be healthy for Houston to make a title run. (LW: 4)

7. Denver Broncos
Is it possible that the absolutely disastrous offseason, camp and preseason is worse than the Ravens loss? Almost. (LW: 2)

8. Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals are the popular pick in the AFC North, but need they A.J. Green to get healthy. There’s a Hard Knocks bump, however. (LW: 8)

9. Baltimore Ravens
Once a defense-first team, the Ravens became an offensive team a year ago with Joe Flacco coming into his own. This year, they are looking for balanced attack. (LW: 9)

10. New Orleans Saints
Sean Payton has returned to the sideline and the offense looks great. Rob Ryan’s defense has already shown huge strides in the first two preseason game. (LW: 12)

11. Pittsburgh Steelers
Health has been the area of concern this preseason. Big Ben can still lead a strong offense, but who else will be on the field? (LW: 11)

12. Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck looks to be in mid-season form and on the same page with his receivers. Can the defense improve enough for another playoff push? (LW: 18)

13. Dallas Cowboys
The injury bug hit the Cowboys hard during training camp in Oxnard. It’s difficult to get a gauge on the walking wounded in Dallas. (LW: 15)

14. Chicago Bears
There’s been a lot of shuffling along the offensive line, again. That’s not good for the protection of Jay Cutler. (LW: 14)

15. Kansas City Chiefs
Alex Smith has impressed in his limited action and the Chiefs seeing a 500 percent increase in their win total seems possible. (LW: 16)

16. New York Giants
With so many key players, especially on defense, on the shelf during the preseason, it’s a work in progress in New York at the moment. (LW: 10)

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  1. This is a terrible power rankings. I’ve never seen a power rankings with the Rams ranked any lower than 16th, and the Chiefs any higher than 20th. The Philadelphia Eagles ranked 18th is insane.

    Also, power ranking during the preseason is pointless and stupid.

  2. Not sure how the Redskins are 23. That’s a good football team with a terrific coach and QB. Thanks Steve Q


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