Local sportscaster defaces Flacco


Vic Lombardi of CBS4 in Denver is a man of the people.

First, the backstory. A giant billboard of Joe Flacco was plastered on Sports Authority Field at Mile High yesterday as the NFL decided it wanted to generate even more hype around the season opener between the Broncos and Ravens on September 4 in Denver.



Word of the billboard spread like wildfire on twitter and people were not thrilled. (Warning: some NSFW language)


You get the point.

In fact, another poster went up of Flacco too, this one on the 16th Street Mall. For those not familiar with the city of Denver, the 16th Street Mall is a pedestrian / bus only strip of road right in the heart of downtown filled with people, restaurants, shops and homeless dudes.

Lombardi, who does a nice job of being a journalist when appropriate, but also realizes when he should just be a fan (courtesy @dottewill) became just that this afternoon, a crazy freakin’ Broncos fan.

First the planning phase.

There was some rumblings on Twitter whether or not Lombardi was serious, well, he was (mostly)….

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  • Steve Q

    This Vic Lombardi is something!!! Nice to see a sportscaster who really is a fan of his hometown team. This Lombardi truly is!!! Thanks Steve Qe

    • Rich Kurtzman

      Wasn’t he just amazing? I mean, it’s hard to remember something like this happening before. Rock on, Vic!

      • Steve Q

        Yes I agree that Vic was amazing! Almost as good as when that Rich Goins sat on a bill board during the winter losing streak:) Thanks for the story! Steve Qe

  • Chaz M

    That is the house that Elway and the Broncos fans built, last time I checked the Super Bowl was in January in New Orleans not in Denver. The NFL should have let the Ravens play a home game on Sunday night, but either way – who cares if the Orioles are playing ~ play football.

  • Barrel Man Forever

    “Snitches get stitches” – nice one Vic!

    Actually, I’m glad that Vic kept this planted firmly in the “having fun with it” category without passing over into “psycho crazed fans who poison rival trees” territory.