Byrds of a feather


The Buffalo Bills are all set to take on the New England Patriots this Sunday at Ralph Wilson stadium. However, one player who might not be taking the field is free safety Jarius Byrd. It was revealed this week that he is suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The NFL network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Byrd is expected to miss an unspecified amount of time due to the injury. It was also revealed that this injury has plagued him since last season and Byrd even took shots from the medical staff to continue playing through games.

After his foot aliment was revealed, the situation with Byrd finally started to make a little more sense.

I thought it was strange that he returned to the team on the last day of training camp without signing the deal he was seeking. I honestly chalked it up as a veteran who wanted to avoid the grind of training camp.

That might be the case, or our pro-bowl safety very well may have been trying to get paid before this injury fully came to light. It’s a sneaky and terrible thing to accuse someone of doing, and I am in no position to confirm the real motives of Jarius Byrd. But I can speculate, and there sure is plenty of evidence pointing toward my theory.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of this whole affair is the press conference Byrd held when he returned to the team. Everything about that press conference suggested we had a player who cares very much about how much money he’ll be making, and doesn’t really care about the team who will be paying that money.

He certainly did not look happy to be back in Buffalo nor with his current team. At no point did he come anywhere close to mentioning the Bills or his teammates. This team appears to be absolutely nowhere in his thoughts as he referred to being back in Buffalo as “business” and every aspect of him coming back was business related. Unless I missed it, Byrd said nothing about the rest of those guys in the locker room with him.

At one point a reporter sensed how sad and miserable Byrd seemed and asked, “Jarius are you happy to be here?” to which he replied “um… sure, i mean football, you know anytime I’m playing football I’m happy.”

Not a convincing answer. If I were a reporter in the room I would have followed up with, if you’re happiest when playing football then why haven’t you been playing it during mandatory training sessions? If the only time you’re happy is on the football field then where in the world have you been?!
Anyone who saw the interview would reach the same conclusion, this guy wants out of Buffalo.

Byrd was also asked whether or not he requested a trade and told reporters that he was just going to leave the private side of business matters between him and the management.

I firmly believe that if Jarius Byrd did not in fact request a trade there is no way he would pass up the opportunity to deny such an accusation. His answer really said, “I did (request a trade) but I don’t want you to know that” written all over it.

I particularly loved when he was asked, “Do you foresee being here next year?” He replied, “Yeah, because there’s a thing called a franchise tag again.”
I would love to give you my real reaction on that answer but it is filled with far too many expletives to publish here.

By that response it seems as though Byrd truly believes he will be imprisoned here in Buffalo for as long as we have a franchise tag option available. Jarius has given no indication that he wants to be a part of this team, and now the rumors have hit the media that Bryd and his agent are trying to orchestrate a trade before the week eight trade deadline.

I don’t know, maybe Jarius Byrd actually loves Buffalo and he really cares deeply about helping this team end 13 years of losing.

Honestly, after this whole off-season charade, it is going to take more than a pro-bowl performance for me to think of Jarius Byrd in a more positive light.

As we begin the season, I would offer this – Jarius you are coming off as selfish, sneaky and self-centered. The fans in Western New York are too smart not to see through this deplorable behavior. Hey, If I am wrong I completely apologize, but you might want to try bringing up someone other than yourself in some of these upcoming interviews because the last I checked you were not the only player on the…. oh wait, you’re not even on the field are you?

Editor’s note. We are happy to welcome James Kriger to the Cover32 team. James will be writing a weekly column and giving his thoughts on the Buffalo Bills.

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