Rebuttal: NFC Least? I think not.


Recently, one of our very own at cover32, Mr. Will Petersen, decided to take a shot at the NFC East saying it was the NFC Least. He couldn’t be more wrong.

You see most of his opinions are based solely on how many of their games are in prime-time television slots. We all know what they say about opinions right?

The truth is that the NFC East may be the most competitive division in football and “it’s not even close.” Why does the East always get those prime slots, here’s a breakdown for you:

AFC North: No Clear Winner, all teams could miss playoffs

Pittsburgh Steelers: Had a pretty sloppy performance, most of their season is cut short by a Roethlisberger injury and their pretty long-in-the-tooth on defense, no true playmakers on offense as Wallace left for Miami.

Baltimore Ravens: Super Bowl Champions that got blown out on National Television after all of their “core players” left the team.

Cincinnati Bengals: Rising star in the division with a good coach, yet they are still learning and aren’t ready for the big time yet.

Cleveland Browns: Have a 29 year-old former baseball player behind center who threw three picks in the last game. Cleveland steamers is a better name. Start the revolving door at quarterback and coach.

AFC South: Two teams worth noting

Houston Texans: Best team in the division, but Quarterback is scared to pull the trigger in big moments and still least popular team in own state, still can’t sell out all their home games.

Indianapolis Colts: Great young future with a great young quarterback, will need to replace Reggie Wayne’s production soon.

Tennessee Titans: Nothing to see here, CJ2K is on the decline and the team lacks consistent playmakers.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Worst team in the league, can’t sell out a home game and people would rather press the snooze button on the alarm then wake up at noon to see this joke play out.

AFC East: Belichick’s sandbox

New England Patriots: Tom Brady reigns supreme but for how long? Class of the division that has been decimated by injuries and court orders. Struggled against a former whipping boy in week one.

New York Jets: Coach got starting quarterback injured in preseason, were able to escape with a win due to a penalty. Absolutely no talent at wide receiver, punchline of the division.

Buffalo Bills: New rookie quarterback, team has more fans in Canada.

Miami Dolphins: Constant big spenders in Free Agency, no production, no chance to contend in division yet.

AFC West: One is the loneliest number…

Denver Broncos: Clear-cut winner of a division full of schlubs, Only reason this division isn’t awful is because John Elway cut Tebow and got Peyton Manning.

Kansas City Chiefs: Great Coach, got a game-manager quarterback who got benched after leading team to an NFC Championship, 6 pro-bowlers in 2012, second-worst team in the league last year.

San Diego Chargers: Quarterback who is bottom-of-the-league in fourth quarter QBR, gave up 28-7 lead to Houston on MNF.

Oakland Raiders: Drafts kickers in the first round, kicker is their leading scorer.

NFC North: Top shelf liquor surrounded by well whisky

Green Bay Packers: Best quarterback in the league, yet team loses most of its offensive production and doesn’t do anything to replace it. Instead they allow their QB to be sacked 51 times.

Chicago Bears: Quarterback who throws entire team under the bus, great organization but fires their coach when he wins 10 games.

Detroit Lions: Great talent, undisciplined coach, undisciplined team, constant penalty fest, poorest market in the US.

Minnesota Vikings: Led by running back, pretty much only offensive weapon,mortgaged entire future in 2013 Draft.

NFC South: Two Contenders, two pretenders

Atlanta Falcons: Great offensive talent with Super Bowl aspirations, Quarterback has the skill around him to make waves, no negative here.

New Orleans Saints: One of the worst teams last year without Coach, ready for a bounce-back season, defense is suspect though.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Paid big in past two free agencies, lost to a horrendous Jets squad, Coach can’t manage his team, doesn’t know whether to bench his quarterback.

Carolina Panthers: Coach has been there two years too long, wasting prime of a young quarterback, bright young defense, but can’t compete yet.

NFC East: The Most Competitive Division in Football

Dallas Cowboys: Great Quarterback, who receives way too much heat, new Defense that cause most turnovers for division rival in 25 years. Young head coach still learning, could win the division this year.

New York Giants: Year by year they’re counted out but still managed to beat Belichick’s Patriots twice in the Super Bowl. Quarterback is also great and is clutch as can be. Could win division this year.

Philadelphia Eagles: High tempo offense that is by far fastest in the league. Quarterback, if healthy, can make the throws and run the ball well. Best running back in the division, could make some noise this season.

Washington Redskins: Accomplished Coach, most intriguing young quarterback in the league. Last years showdowns with the Cowboys among highest rated games, period. Won division in RGIII’s rookie season.

NFC West: Top Heavy

San Fransisco 49’ers: Like Atlanta, not a lot of criticism here, Super Bowl berth in Kaepernick’s first year, Super Bowl favorite in 2013.

Seattle Seahawks: Another favorite, yet could only score 12 points in last weeks game against the Panthers, great defense and team on the rise.

St. Louis Rams: Finally starting to put talent around their young quarterback, won’t be enough to contend in the next few years.

Arizona Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald, above-average defense, quarterback way past his prime, nothing to see here folks.

I’m not saying that the NFC East will be hoisting yet another Lombardi this season, although they have the most in football with 12. However to say they are the least viable division in football is as Stephen A. Smith would say “asinine, asi-ten, asi-eleven, asi-twelve.” This division is constantly down to the wire and have the most exciting games in football, don’t believe me? The NFC East was present for 13 of 32 in the highest rated games of the NFL last season. The week 17 match-up with the Redskins-Cowboys broke NBC’s viewing record. So Mr. Petersen, there is the proverbial foot, now place it in the proverbial mouth.

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