Report: Tebow could sign with the Jaguars


According to Terez Owens, Tim Tebow is in line to get a shot with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The NFL’s worst team may just be throwing a Hail Mary. According to our Jaguars leaker, the team is going to give Tim Tebow a shot to re capture his dream of playing Quarterback once again. Our source tells us the Jaguars realize Tebow can only help merchandise and ticket sales, and will bring a major surge of interest to the Jaguars. This is not a football move as much as it’s a financial move says our insider. The Jaguars have nothing to lose. Tebowmania in Jacksonville sounds like a great fit.-TO

cover32 spoke with Owens by phone on Thursday afternoon and he says he trusts his source and believes the information to be accurate. Owens says the move might not happen until early next week, which, would make Tim Tebow’s first game with the Jaguars against the Broncos, in Denver.

More as we get it.

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