The three worst coaches in Broncos history


For this week’s “First and 10,” Buck Stanton assembled a list of the 10 worst coaches in NFL history. It’s a quite the collection of epic failures, a group of men who completely flopped in their attempts to lead professional football teams.

Did any Broncos coaches make the list? CLICK HERE to find out.

In the meantime, here’s a list of the three worst coaches to ever stalk the sidelines in Denver:

3. Mac Speedie (1964-66, 6-19-1) – Speedie was rewarded with a two-year contract after posting a 2-7-1 record to finish the 1964 season – something that would be laughable by today’s standards. It never got much better for him, as a 4-10 record in 1965 followed by an 0-2 start in 1966 ultimately saw the coach resign early in the season.

2. Lou Saban (1967-71, 20-42-3) – Saban won back-to-back AFL Championships in Buffalo just two years before coming to Denver, but was awful as the Broncos head coach. He never won more than five games in five seasons with Denver, and never finished higher than fourth in the AFL West Division. Saban ultimately resigned nine games into the 1971 season.

1. Josh McDaniels (2009-10, 11-17) – McDaniels 11-17 record doesn’t seem all that bad, until you remind yourself he started 6-0 in Denver before crashing and burning, finishing his Broncos coaching career at 5-17 before being fired during the 2010 season. Not only was McDaniels a horrendous head coach, but his (to put it nicely) rough-around-the-edges personality alienated everyone, including his own players and fan base.

Did we miss any? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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  • dervon brown

    Wade Phillips. The worst coach I have seen Denver ever have….granted that’s since 1984…but he was awful