Broncos, Chiefs won’t be moved to primetime


Flex scheduling in the NFL begins during the 11th week of the season. Essentially it means NBC can move a game from either FOX or CBS (with some restrictions) to their Sunday night prime time slot. The whole point of flex scheduling is to get the most attractive weekly match-ups in prime time for the entire country to watch. Wouldn’t we all like to watch the two teams with the best records in the AFC square off at least once in prime time? Not happening.

CBS is exercising their right to protect both of the Broncos vs. Chiefs games during Weeks 11 and 13, making it near impossible to watch the colossal AFC showdown outside of those markets (especially the early start game in KC) without a special TV package or trudging to a local bar.

As of today, the Packers are scheduled to visit the Giants on Sunday night of Week 11, and then the Giants go to the Redskins in Week 13. Both Broncos / Chiefs games should be much more anticipated by the average NFL fan than the winless Giants, right? Pardon me while I scream and vomit at the same time.

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