Chiefs are the most overrated team in the NFL


The Oakland Raiders will travel to Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City to face one of the NFL’s remaining undefeated teams. Arrowhead stadium is notoriously loud and is seen as one of the most difficult stadiums to play in. The Chiefs even plan on trying to break the record for loudest stadium that was set by the Seattle Seahawks earlier this season. Their defense is playing lights out and head coach Andy Reid has the offense clicking like it hasn’t in years.

But despite all of that, the Raiders should be able to pull off the win while simultaneously pulling down the curtain and revealing the Chiefs for the team they really are.

Everyone remembers the hot team early in the 2012 season, or do they? Many have likely already forgotten about the Chiefs of 2012, the Arizona Cardinals. Last year, the Cards went 4-0 to start the season and did so almost the exact same way as the Chiefs are doing it this season. Winning behind a strong defense and getting just enough out of a lackluster offense.

The reason that so few remember the hot start by the Cards is because after winning four in a row, they went on to lose nine straight and finished the season 5-11.

The Chiefs certainly look like a better team than the Cardinals did last season. Alex Smith is by no means a great quarterback, but he does what Reid is asking of him very well. The problem is, that offense can really only play well enough to win without an absolutely dominant defense.

The Chiefs are a dink and dunk offense in the truest sense of the term. Yes, they run a west coast offense which does involve a lot of short, dink and dunk style passes, but the Chiefs take that to an extreme. According to Pro Football Focus, of the 108 passes completed by the Chiefs this season, 93 of those passes were nine yards or shorter and more than a quarter of those 93 completions, 25, were passes behind the line of scrimmage.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs have only completed 21 passes for 10 or more yards. Just think about that for a minute, the Chiefs have more completed passes that went negative yards than passes that went more than nine yards. In a league dominated by passing, those are not stats that indicate a team who will be able to continue on an undefeated path.

As the season progresses, teams will obtain more tape on the Chiefs and soon will be able to better pick apart that defense. Once that begins to happen, the NFL could witness another implosion. The offense is simply not capable of competing if the defense cannot hold opponents to minimal points.

Running back Jamaal Charles is easily the biggest offensive weapon for the Chiefs and even he is not having an amazing season. While he does have the sixth most yards in the league, he only has two rushing touchdowns and only one run of more than 20 yards. By comparison, Darren McFadden, who has really only had one good game this season also has two touchdowns but has four 20+ yard runs.

The Chiefs are better than the Cardinals were in 2012, but they are still just a mirage. The Raiders will likely prove to be a much bigger challenge than many assume and may be the first team to reveal the true nature of this Chiefs team.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey dumbass they didn’t have the #1 defense in Arizona!

  • Chris

    I cant wait for the chiefs to dominate tomorrow so I can come back and show you how little you know about football. it is obvious you didnt watch the chiefs last week because they are starting to air it out. FOR COMPLETIONS! Please put all the players in the box,,, pleas3!

    • Anonymous

      Moron…..smith has the second highest winning percentage! No respect for 5-0!

  • Johnny

    terrible post. where are your facts? this is opinionated to extremes.

  • Julia

    As long as the numbers in the W column keep climbing, you can say whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Talk to you after the game. I’m sure your team just love’s you saying this before the game

  • Christopher

    Riiiiight. So, if the Chiefs’ passing game is so bad, why do we have more passing yards than the Raiders? (1,139 to 997)
    And the defense will be exposed? You mean the defense that has a +10 turnover ratio, is leading the league in disrupting passes, is leading the league by allowing only 11.6 points per game, is leading the league in sacks with 21, is leading the league by allowing a mere 24% third down conversion rate … that defense? Yep, you’re right, must be a fluke.
    By the way, the Chiefs vs. the Raiders in stats … the Chiefs win in points per game, yards per game, passing yards per game, time of possession per game, turnover differential, points allowed, third down conversions allowed, sacks and sacks allowed.
    Well, I do have to give you Raiders one category … you have us edged in rushing yards for the season by 51 yards. Yep, you’re right … we’re doomed. Bwahahahahaha!!!

    • Donald

      Fuckin’ tell em’ Chris. What a dipshit.

  • Anonymous

    Chiefs romp tomorrow….do people actually think you know what you’re talking about???

  • Jason

    Wow…..if you want to be a sports analyst or decent journalist , you really should be more realistic in your story. I won’t say the Chiefs are the best team in the NFL right now, but they are far from over rated ……it is good that you stand by your team though….that is one thing going good for you…bet you will want to remove this article after tomorrow!!

  • Dibbida

    Last I checked that’s how the decided playoff teams..,

  • Dink and Dunk

    Dink and Dunk… Dink and Dunk… Two sentences in a row… Did you even gomto journalism skooool?!?! Asshat!

  • Yr Daddy

    He must be on the I am sucking Donkey Dick Bandwagon 🙂

  • blanckman

    You are retarded. We had 6 pro bowlers last year but a terrible coach. Chiefs plus good coach equals wins. Sleep well knowing we are going to give all once again to stomp a mud hole in your punk ass Raiders

  • Scott

    I really hope you’re ready to say you’re an idiot after the game tomorrow for this BS article! I prefer short passes and keep my #1 Defense rested. Who cares how many TD’s Jamaal Charles has. He gets the job done and will do the same tomorrow against the Raiders. This is at Arrowhead and we’re not losing at home with how we have been playing. I read the same article about when the NYG came in our house two weeks ago talking about how the NYG is a better team and needs a win and they were going to roll on us. The line right now is 8. I hope you put everything you own on the Raiders tomorrow and you lose it all. Did you watch that game? Do you know anything about football? Congratulations on getting attention for your lack of knowledge about the NFL!

  • Mike

    I hope the author commits suicide after the Chiefs win tomorrow.

  • Kel

    Christopher you are so right!

  • Donald

    Whatever makes you sleep better tonight bud. You are obviously an assclown of epic proportion.


    Where’s all the shitty Oakland fans to defend this article??? All i see is CHIEFS. This is a horribly opinionated article wrote by an envious, butthurt Raider. Good luck tomorrow, you’ll need it.

  • FunnyArticle

    This is why the Raiders (one of the worst teams in the NFL) fans should never be able to write an article again. This article compares a bad Cardinals team that started 4-0 to a good Cheifs team. I really love how this article says “The Raiders will likely prove to be a much bigger challenge than many assume and may be the first team to reveal the true nature of this Chiefs team”. The Raiders (who only beat the Jaguars by 10) will not win this game and will not even come close.

  • J hirschi

    And when the chiefs win tomorrow I will cram this opinionated article down your ugly black and silver throat

  • Faiders

    Silly Faider fans. But hey Chief fans, I know it’s rough with everyone still doubting us, every week those boys prove them wrong, but lets be humble. Let them talk, let them say what they want respond by pointing to the scoreboard. Go Chiefs!

  • Anthony

    When we pull of a win tomorrow, why don’t you apologize for not knowing anything about football.

  • rex freeway

    Sounds like a St Louis fan wrote this.


    you really think 5 weeks in with a new qb and a new coach this offense is 100% not even close they are still working out the kinks and will continue to get better. your team put up 27 points with +5 turnovers on the worst passing defense and the 30th ranked run defense our defense is 7th in passing defense and 12th in run defense so dont think your “success” is going to continue

  • Chief on the warpath

    There’s nothing in the damn world wrong with playing the percentages offensively. So if you establish the run and throw bubbles, slants, etc than your offense is lackluster?? Why in the hell would Reid throw the ball downfield and take a chance on a turnover when what he is doing is working!! Alex smith is not near as underrated as you make him out to be…he lost 1 game as a starter in San Francisco and none as a chief! He had the lowest turnover ratio in the league…but I guess you’ll say we’ll he doesn’t throw the ball far enough down the field for you. Our defense is lights out, special teams are solid…you better grab some ketchup and get ready to eat your words clown!!

  • BroklandFaiders

    This quote should tell you everything you need to know about the incoherent rambling from the lonely prison cell of a Faider fan–>The problem is, that offense can really only play well enough to win without an absolutely dominant defense.

  • YerMawm

    Overrated my ass James Arcellana! Eat a dik and choke on it.

  • Kevin D

    So wait your team has this “over-rated” KC Chiefs defense figured out huh? What a Joke how does it feel to be such a freaking idiot. GTFO! KC with that goose-egg in the loss column, nice try at being reporter hahaha!

  • Tim

    I think your sorry Haters played a decent defense side of the ball in the 1st half… But the Chiefs showed their hand again on how to close out a game from both sides of the ball. The Offense may not be playing its best ball, but we’ll see who is overrated in the end. BTW, the Chiefs record is now 6-0. What is the Haters record??? Loyal Chiefs Fan

  • Anonymous

    I think you need to retract your article,,

  • Rich

    Are you a “professional” sports analyst or writer for that matter? You simply stated your “opinion” . The Chiefs D is for real! As long as the Chiefs aren’t down by more than 10 points going in to the 4th quarter they can beat just about any team in the NFL this year. In conclusion the Faiders still suck! Go Chiefs 6-0!

  • Scot

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 7-24 is proof that you’re a dum dum…

  • Anonymous

    That kc D is 85 bears good…..unreal

  • Anonymous

    Only thing overrated today was Terrell Pryor…

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the raiders!!!!!

  • Jason

    Lolz…another one bites the dust’a!

  • Anonymous


  • Darth 137.5

    So much fail in this prediction I don’t know where to start. Congrats for taking a chance at being a raider prophet but if you try writing another raiders victory prediction article next week you should change your name if you want anyone to take it seriously!

  • Raiders are awful

    Maybe you are right. The Chiefs are over rated. They only beat the horrible Raiders by 17 points and allowed them to be in the game until half time at home. But, then again, the Jags were in the game until halftime against the Broncos. So…. I guess every good team overlooks inferior competition from time to time.