Miller absent from court, eventually shows (Update x2)

Credit: Chris Humphrey, USA TODAY Sports

File this under the are-you-kidding-me category.

According to the Denver Post Broncos linebacker Von Miller missed a court hearing this morning connected to separate, ongoing traffic violation cases.

Miller’s attorney was there, but the Magistrate overseeing the case said that wasn’t good enough.

“The court finds it rather ridiculous he doesn’t appear this morning and he’s mere blocks away. That’s what’s made a spectacle of these issues,” said Magistrate Christina Apostoli according to the Post.

This is just the latest in what’s been a disastrous stretch for Miller, including arrests, a suspension and trying to trick a urine collector.

(UPDATE: 12:20 p.m.) USA Today’s Lindsay Jones now says Miller is headed to the Arapahoe County courthouse.

(UPDATE: 12:46 p.m.) The Post is now reporting Miller did make it to the courthouse, nearly two hours late, and pled guilty to two different traffic violations.

Miller was hit with a minor punishment, including 24 hours of community service and completion of a level-one driving class in the next 90 days.

Miller’s attorney, Abraham Hutt, took responsibility for the linebacker’s absence, saying he thought he had a deal with prosecutors in which Miller did not need to appear.

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