Broncos, Chiefs early betting line is out


While it may be looking ahead for Denver (they still play in San Diego this weekend), Kansas City can fully focus on their biggest test of the season in the Mile High City in 11 days.

The Chiefs will play the Broncos in primetime on Sunday, November 17 in a showdown that will go a long way toward determining who wins the AFC West and who gets the No. 1 seed come playoff time in the entire conference.

While the winner on the field won’t care if it’s ugly or not, in Las Vegas, it’s all about style points. Here’s the early line for the mammoth match-up.

It might come down to which star-studded unit do you believe in more?

The Chiefs defense is first in the NFL in points allowed per game at 12.3.

The Broncos offense is first in the NFL in scoring at 42.8 points per game.

For you non-math majors, that’s more than a 30-point swing.

Now, if we want to figure out how to make some money here, let’s consider this: The Chiefs have scored 23.9 points per game, while the Broncos are giving up 27.3 per contest.

The safest (yet completely unscientific) bet here might be to play the averages. That means adding up KC’s points scored plus Denver’s points against dividing it by two and vice versa. The result?

Denver 27.6, Kansas City 25.6.

Take the damn points.

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  • TL

    Averages have no bearing at all on the ups and downs of a long NFL season. Most of the Chiefs defensive dominance came during the first four weeks. They have since just been simply good on defense, but have regressed to absolutely horrible on offense. Meanwhile, the Broncos defense looks to be getting better and the offense, well, even on their worst days still put up 30+ points.

    I say take the Broncos for the game at Mile High and take the points in Arrowhead!

  • vernon

    When kc wins then we’ll see I like kc