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Every week, NFL teams enter a game as a decided underdog. And typically, it’s for one simple reason: They have a distinct advantage at the quarterback position.

Without a reliable player under center, a franchise doesn’t have much of a chance at winning. While finding the right player to fill that role can instantly change the fortunes of an entire team.

Despite this boom-or-bust situation, most general managers and coaches aren’t apt to roll the dice in search of the answer. They continually trot out marginal quarterbacks, content to go with players who fit the mold. It’s why Brady Quinn continues to get job after job, despite never being able to actually perform on the field.

Hardly a week goes by where the Twitter world doesn’t point this out, as fans rant about the incompetence of many NFL QBs. And almost invariably, the same question ultimately gets posed: Wouldn’t Tim Tebow be a better option?

While some are tired of the entire Tebow saga altogether, it is a viable query. After all, it’s odd that a quarterback with a career record as a starter above .500 continues to remain unemployed, while guys who have never proven they can lead a team to victory keep getting chance after chance (many occurring on national television).

The reality remains that there are plenty of quarterbacks currently in the league that aren’t as good as Tebow. In fact, many of them will be starting this week.

Here are 10 quarterbacks who will be starting this week that aren’t as good as Tim Tebow:


10. Alex Smith


Tebow could hand off and let his defense score.

On the surface, this seems crazy; after all, Smith is the quarterback of the NFL’s only remaining undefeated team. But the Chiefs aren’t 9-0 because of their QB. In fact, they’re there in spite of Smith. The numbers prove this out. Through nine games, Kansas City has yet to post 1,800 passing yards, meaning they are averaging less than 200 per game. And Smith’s nine touchdown passes put him on pace for an anemic 16 for the season, a whopping one per game. In a passing league, that’s simply pathetic. But because of a great running game and an opportunistic defense, the Chiefs quarterback’s deficiencies get ignored.

9. Josh McCown


Tebow backing up Cutler wouldn’t be a bad option.

Sure, the Bears backup quarterback looked adequate against the Packers on Monday night, chucking up passes and hoping Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery would come down with them. But don’t let one decent game hide the history. McCown has bounced around, playing for four teams in 11 seasons, for a reason. He’s 14-20 as a starting quarterback, has thrown more interceptions (44) than touchdowns (40), and has a career QB rating of only 72.7. But, he has a strong arm and throws perfect spirals, so he’s collected an NFL paycheck for more than a decade.


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  1. Spencer Engel

    “Buck Stanton is a former agent and current sports business writer for various web sites, publications and newspapers. He believes that emotion is for suckers and statistics never lie.”

    The last part of your bio is an outright lie if you really believe Tim Tebow would be better than 10 NFL QBs right now.

    • Buck Stanton

      Tim Tebow is 8-6 as a starting quarterback, 1-1 in the playoffs. Since wins-losses is the most important statistic, that’s good enough for me. He also has a positive TD-to-INT ratio, which few of these 10 have, and a better QB rating that most of them. Thanks for reading, Spencer.

      • If wins-losses is the most important statistic, there’s no way you can have Alex Smith on this list. He is like 30-5 in his last 35 starts.

        • Buck Stanton

          That’s the only reason he’s at No. 10 and not higher. The win-loss record definitely was considered in Smith’s favor.

  2. Daniel Frysinger

    Tim Tebow has completed less than 50% of his passes and has only three games where he threw 2 touchdowns, Minnesota, Oakland, and Miami. If you ignore the fact that he is useless as a quarterback if your team is losing, then maybe. But c’mon man, its ridiculous.

    • Buck Stanton

      Is it any more ridiculous than Seneca Wallace still getting starts in the NFL? I don’t think so. Thanks for reading, Daniel!

  3. Wow buck. Don’t ever mention Matthew stafford and tebow in the same sentence again or you will have anthrax sent to your home

    • Buck Stanton

      I didn’t mentioned them in the same sentence. Not sure what you’re referring to. Thanks for reading, whoever you are.

    • Buck Stanton

      That’s a funny comment, which I appreciate. But it’s irrelevant to the discussion. What players do you disagree with? I’m happy to have that conversation. Thanks for reading, unknown person.

  4. Buck, if wins and losses are such an important stat to you, than by your standards: Trent Dilfer is on par career-wise with Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. After all, Dilfer won games and a Super Bowl in Baltimore, right?

    • Buck Stanton

      I’m not putting Tebow into any sort of elite category, which makes your comparison silly. I’m simply saying Tebow is better than 10 marginal to awful QBs who currently start in the NFL. Dilfer is better than this batch of 10 players, as well. Thanks for reading, Duff!

      • No, but let’s be honest here. Is Aikman better than Favre because he had SB three rings to Favre’s one? Are the number of guys with rings (Dilfer, Hostettler, Williams, etc.) better than Marino?
        If not, how is Tebow better than these guys on your list? Because he had one moderately good run in the league two years ago and these guys have lost games throughout their careers, which most happen to be longer than Tebow’s? All of these guys can throw with better accuracy and consistency than Tebow, that’s simply why they have a job. It’s passing league that requires more than what Tebow has to offer a team.

  5. This article is absolutely insane. Tebow threw for 8.0 yards per attempt with Denver in an incredibly small and fluky sample (He was 41 for 82). After defenses figured him out he thew for 6.4 yards per attempt in 2011 while completing 46.5% of his passes! There’s a reason the Jets didn’t use him and it’s because he flat out sucks. There are plenty of teams that could use some extra fans in the seats but they won’t sign Tebow because he doesn’t know how to throw the ball. Every single one of these QBs is better than Tebow.

    • Buck Stanton

      Perhaps these QBs are better fundamentally, but very few of them give their team a better chance to win than Tebow. Thanks for reading, Matt.

  6. Let’s break down your list and include some of your standards.
    10. Alex Smith: 27-5-1 in his last 33 starts. If wins and losses are what matter most to you, Smith is an untouchable. Plus, K.C. was the worst team in the league a year ago. Now, with a new coach and QB, they’ve turned things around in a hurry. You don’t do that as a QB in the NFL if you don’t know what you’re doing and the Chiefs didn’t exactly sign a ton of offensive playmakers in the offseason.
    9. Josh McCown: Yeah, he’s got a losing record as a starter, but look at who he’s played for: Arizona, Detroit, Oakland and Carolina. Who did he have to throw to on those teams? Plus, he’s only played more than nine games in a season once in his career.
    8. Chad Henne: Yes, the Jags are a mess, but they’re a mess at almost every position. If Tebow brought in his circus act right now, he’d sell tickets and jerseys, but that would be about it. And if it took Tebow coming to Jacksonville to get people to come out to games, then that only demonstrates what a crummy following the Jags have gotten from that town. Why keep a team there when the fans clearly don’t give a flip about the rest of the team?
    7. Geno Smith: He’s been inconsistent, but did anyone think the Jets would be a contender at this point in the season? Also, the Pats, Jets and Broncos all had Tebow and let him go. They’re all sporting winning records. Wins and losses, matter to you remember? Smith has more wins than losses at this point.
    6. Jason Campbell: He just had a monster passing day and outplayed Joe Flacco in a Cleveland win over the Ravens. It was the Browns’ first win over Baltimore since 2007 and they have a better record than both the Ravens and Steelers. I’d say he’s doing just fine.
    5. Case Keenum: This guy has no business being on your list at all. In two games, he’s thrown for 621 yards, 4 touchdowns and no picks. He did that against two of the best teams in the NFL. What cost Houston against the Colts was 3 missed field goals. The same kind of field goals that Tebow benefited from during his run in Denver.
    3. Kellen Clemens: I have the same problem with Clemens on this list as I do with Keenum. It’s your argument that if either the Texans or Rams could have signed Tebow and within a week, he would acclimated himself to their offense so quickly and made up where these two failed. You really think he could have done the same thing that Keenum and Clemens did? Get real. Seattle’s defense is one of the toughest in the league. He would never have gotten St. Louis within five points of the Seahawks with less than a week to prepare. Furthermore, Clemens has put up respectable numbers in his two starts throwing the ball, the kind that Tebow has never proven he can do consistently in a pass-heavy league.
    2. Senaca Wallace: 1-9 in his last 10 starts? Sure, but he’s only started 21 games in his career for really bad Seattle and Cleveland teams. And he has a decent TD-to-INT ratio. He’s in Green Bay to be a short-term fix, which is what Green Bay is hoping for while Rodgers is out. All Tebow would do is be an enormous distraction and would force the Packers to alter the system to fit Tebow’s style. That makes no sense.
    1. Mike Glennon: He just succeeded in putting up points against Seattle on the road. You bashed Clemens for not scoring one touchdown against them, but this rookie throws two scores and no picks, and also has better numbers than everyone else on this list, but he is Number One? Tampa is 0-8, but they’re also all-around mess, as evidenced by the fact that they could not make that lead at Seattle stick. I’d say he’s one of the few bright spots for this Bucs team and they may have found their QB.
    Bottom line, I’m tired of every one pointing out all of Tebow’s minor successes in the NFL and suggesting that he can turn any team, no matter their record into a winner. It’s not as easy as you and all his cult-like, fanatical followers would suggest.
    You can argue Tebow made Denver better, but the pieces were already in place for the Broncos to be a contender. He made them OK, but Manning makes them elite.

  7. Reading this article has made me so infuriated that I cannot even articulate a proper response. The best course of action would just be to ban whoever you are from puting pen to paper ever again

  8. Although I disagree with a couple qbs on this list, I couldn’t agree more that Tebow should be starting in the NFL. It blows my mind that Jacksonville was considering playing the Redzone channel in the stadium to attract fans but is to elite of a team to sign Tebow. Even if Tebow didn’t win a game all season in Jacksonville, they’d get talked about every night on ESPN, have one of the top selling jerseys on and would have probably sold out every game this season. That’s just a common sense business decision.

    • But again, all that proves is the fan base in Jacksonville is lousy and why the city doesn’t deserve them. They’re not Jags’ fans, they’re Tebow fans, pure and simple. It’s obvious they don’t care about the guys who are already out there, so why cave in to the Tebow crowd when another city would likely welcome them?

      • They wouldn’t be caving into the Tebow crowd, they would be putting something ENTERTAINING on the field in this ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS we call professional sports. You don’t go to the movie theatre and pay money to see a crap movie. Why should you be expected to pay top dollar to go to the stadium to see a crap team?

        Not to mention, from a footballing standpoint, I find it extremely hard to believe that all the Tebow haters actually believe Jacksonville (at 0-8 having lost every game by 10+ points) would be doing worse with Tebow starting.

        • You just tried to sell me on entertainment value, rather than his QB/football value. If you have to sell me on that aspect, that’s a sign that he has none of the latter.
          Secondly, for a guy who has played very little in a season and a half, I highly doubt Tebow would have much of an impact with that dumpster fire of a team. They’re terrible in many phases and if Tebow played anything for the Jags like he did in Denver (low-scoring offense, show up and make plays in the 4th Q), they’d still lose by double-digits.

  9. Lol at the pictures. Thanks for the read. Although I disagree from a football standpoint – since I don’t think much of Tebow as a QB, I think it would be a wise BUSINESS decision for any team that’s struggling to put that man on his roster, especially Jax. And I don’t understand for the life of me why Alex Smith is on here. Not a Chiefs fan, but I’ve seen their games and he is exactly what that team needs, a game manager. They run the ball and run it well, and rely on him to not turn the ball over and make a few big plays here and there. Being a Seahawks fan, we saw it up close when Harbaugh made him into that efficient QB. Tebow would negate that KC defense with his own 2-3 picks/fumbles per game. Nonetheless, #GoHawks

    • Also, what is your opinion on the NFC West race coming up down the stretch with my Hawks a narrow 1 game lead on the Niners:
      @ Atlanta
      New Orleans
      @ San Fran
      @ New York Giants
      St. Louis

      @ New Orleans
      @ Washington
      St. Louis
      @ Tampa
      @ Arizona


    • So where was Matt Prater and the Broncos defense for the first 5 games of 2011, when the Broncos went 1-4? Where was Matt Prater and the Broncos defense in 2010 when the Broncos went 4-12? Did Prater and the defense magically become good during halftime of the Chargers game?

  10. Tom Turbo, here. Just wanted to weigh in real quick before I put the old lady to bed LOL. Ole Tommy Turbo thinks Mr. Tam Tebow is a fine quarterback. Just like Mr. Stanton says throughout the article, Trim Treebow (just a gardening joke hehe) wins games despite the stats. Therefore, if you don’t need stats to win, it doesn’t matter who you play for. Just plug-and-play, like hamster porn (oh no I didn’t!). And we all know winning is better than losing. It’s common sense.

    Keep up the good work!

    ~~~~~~ToMmMmMmMyYyYyYyYyY TuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUrRrRrRrrrRrRrRrRrRbbBBbbBbBoOoOOoOOoOoOoOoOo~~~~

    • Buck Stanton

      Not true. The fact remains that there is no explanation why a quarterback who wins games is unemployed while so many guys who have repeatedly proven to be incompetent keep getting multiple chances. That makes it a legitimate topic. Thanks for reading, Dr. Brule!

  11. This is insane and so stupid. Sick of this Tebow crap. He cant throw a damn football end of story. Quit the lovefest bc no GM should take a chance on this loser. If he gets into an NFL stadium again it should be bc he’s selling hotdogs

    • Buck Stanton

      How many quarterbacks with winning records and playoff appearances can’t get jobs? The answer is one. That’s not weird to you? Thanks for reading, Person Without an Identity.

  12. As a Chief’s enthusiast I only feel qualified to bring up some ideas on your #10. You gotta wonder where the Chiefs would be if Tebow was starting for them. Firstly, I don’t think they’d be close to 9-0. Reid and everyone on that team has faith in Smith, which probably wouldn’t be reciprocated the same towards Tebow. Trust goes a long way, almost more so than just numbers. Furthermore, Tebow wouldn’t be able to drive down the field and let Colquitt pin the other team inside their 20 almost without effort like the offense does. Regardless if they’re winning or losing (they rarely fall behind even 7 points), there’s not a need to score a TD every drive so far this season with the leagues top scoring defense and a chance every possession to start with good field position. Smith does what he has to. If Tebow was playing there’d be ample examples of Him trying to hit that home run play, and failing at it, ultimately killing the sort of yin and yang’esque play of the Chiefs so far this season. Overall Smith > Tebowmania all day, any day. Interesting thought though, I enjoyed it.

  13. the tebow haters are ignorant in their bias and hate. tebow can pass. you don’t put up big numb ers against steelers, vikings and texans by accident. but his accuracy is a problem. but if you haters really think quinn or sanchez or geno or clemons or seneca etc etc are really better, you are nuts. Oh yes, his completion ave. is less than 50% but aforementioned bems inluding kyle orton padded their stats by sreen passes and alot of dinks and dunks. tebow does not do this often and is most proficient with the long ball. also ole Fox at denver told tebow to beach the ball if noone was open, hurting his ave. alot. further you dimwits must be blind when you fail to mention tebows runnining ability. what does it matter if you pick up a first down by running as tebow does or passing. moving the chains is imperative in the nfl and tebow does that and is or was maybe the best running qb in the nfl. and stop saying denver had a good defense while tebow was there they were around 25th in total defense. tebow is the strongest, toughest qb to ever play in the nfl. he punishes defenders and is not a sissy slider like most. and he is big enough to take punishment withou going on injury list every few weeks. so you ask why isn’t tebow playing if you and buck are so sure of tebow. i’ll tell you why straight, the coaches are fearful of changing to accomodate tebows style even if it produces wins. the gm jerks want to contoll everything and with tebows fans they get real antsy and insecure. the pc press like that head case at espn hoge the hog are jealous of tebow fame as are a large number of the black players. and said press like to mock religion as the cool thing in these times. and to them tebows all around decency is not good copy when you have murderers, druggies, rapists and drunks to make their job more interesting. really sickos all. if tebow were black or muslim or a real sob do you really think he’d get this rotten treatment. tebow is the victim of undeserved abuse and bias to a degree tha is virtually un-american and unheard of in sports. and you jerks out there are buying all this bullshit when you should be disgusted. buck is right, so you even attack him. if i were tebow i’d get a good jewish lawyer and sue the nfl and the nfl players association and the robber baron owners for a clear case of blackballing and more. keep telling the truth buck its refreshing inthis corrupt nfl environment.

    • Daniel Frysinger

      So no NFL team wants to rewrite their entire offense to suit one player? New staff, new players, just so tebow can get a shot. And if it doesn’t work, you set your team back five year. Its just common sense. If you want to go on about the conspiracy theory that Tebow is the whole system blackballs him because he won’t sell enough papers, that’s crazy. So who is really drinking the Kool-Aid?

  14. frydinger, typical nonense by haters. nobody says a team must revamp everything for tebow. his first year in denver he did well under center for the 3 games he started. if prince elway had not come in tebow would still be denvers starting qb in a system maybe similar to redskins or seahawks. the nfl is probably too dumb to have a real conspiracy against tim, its just that they all pretty much think and act the same way and are mostly control freaks. you are the one on kool-aid for buying the nfl and espn biased baloney.

    • But look how much more efficient Denver’s offense is with Manning at the helm. The Broncos are averaging 40-plus points per game this season. Sorry, Gator Fan, but they would not be that good with Tebow.

  15. Daniel Frysinger

    Tim Tebow has proven he cannot be an affective quarterback in the NFL. His accuracy is more than suspect, and in a league where the windows aren’t big, Tebow can’t make the throws. You need to retool your offense around his abilities, its not an option to have him come in an make pro throws. I would never say completing around 50% of your passes as doing well. You can’t rely on late game long throws to win games all the time. The fact remains that if a Tim Tebow led team falls behind by 14, you lose.

  16. frysinger you assume an awful lot. you seem to think your conclusions are flawless. I doubt that is the case. you just have a closed mind. In the righrt system tebow would be a decent nfl qb, certainly a good change of pace back-up. would it be so terrible to emphasize the run more with tebow at qb. i get bored with this basketball on grass nfl game. in oakland terrel pryor runs basically the same type offense tebow would. pryor was not nearly as good a passer in college as tebow. in the pros pryors stats are pretty much the same as tebows with a little better pass completion percentage but tebow has won more games with a better td to int. ratio and more rushing yardage and tds. their teams were roughly the same. Pryor is the starting qb for oakland with franchise qb label. tebow is ousted. virtually the ame type qb with entirely different situations. and i have not heard one word from coaches or espn or anyone else pointing out any of pryors deficient play. why? of course pryor is black, a bit of a loudmouth and a troublemaker at ohio state. go figure. how about double standard or bias against tebow? but you will never hear that on espn or from the te bow haters.

  17. Daniel Frysinger

    Just go watch the Patriots Broncos playoff game. They played straight man on the recievers and made Tebow throw to beat them. He failed miserably. I don’t have anything against the man. I personally wish he would get his head out of his ass and be willing to play back or tight end. He just isn’t capable of playing quarterback in the NFL. He had an honest shot in Denver. The receiving core was good. He had capable backs, plus a good defense. He blew it.

    Change of pace back up. This is a quarterback league. Its not college anymore.

    You don’t see Pryor on every other segment on tv either. “Tebow haters” aren’t running around trying to find ways to put the guy down. Just stating the fact that he can’t cut it throwing the ball in the NFL.

  18. fry, i really don’t think you give facts, but rather your opinions. you basically just repeat all the negatives about tebow, but as i and buck tried to show the facts and stats often tell a defferent story. in a similar time period under similar football situations tebows stats are clearly better than pryors. yet pryor starts for oakland and tebow isn’t even in the nfl. lunatic logic at best. tebow is superior to many qbs both starters and backups in the nfl. and he wins. yes he had an honest shot in denver and he won and beat steelers in a playoff. he’d be the denver starting qb today but for peyton. denvers defense was not good then, check their rank. what does pryor not being on tv segments got to do with anything. records, stats, wins all indicate with some time tebow could become a decent nfl qb. but he has not been given that by the nfl or the haters while lesser qbs have limitless chances – gabbert,quinn, EVEN some guy called seneca wallace. why is that?. people like me and buck are trying to find the answer other than just bias and pointless opinions The right thing to do despite people like you would be to replace pryor with tebow or better yet henne in jaxville with tebow and and let’s see if he doesn’t win more than those two losers. tebow is a winner and that is what liife and the nfl is all about..

  19. Well Buck, you can take Glennon and Clemens off this list now. Clemens had a monster day against the Colts on the road and Glennon got Tampa its first win of the season. Glennon is the Bucs’ QB of the future. He can spread the ball well as we saw last night. He’s only a rookie on a rebuilding team. Give him time.
    It also seems that Jacksonville can win without Tebow.
    Keenum may be 0-3 as the Texans’ starter, but he has 0 picks and a QB rating of 105. The Texans lost those three games by a total of seven points. In the game against Indy, the defense blew a 21-point lead and the kicker missed three field goals. This past Sunday, the secondary could not make stops against the Cardinals that prolonged drives. Keenum threw three scores and zero picks. He’s the one backup out of all of them who has stepped in and outperformed the starting QB. Keenum doesn’t turn the ball over at the rate Matt Schaub did before he went down with an injury.

  20. Oh by the way, take Josh McCown off this list too. He replaced Cutler on the final drive of the game and got the Bears a touchdown, but it was too late in the game. I think you can get off his back now.

  21. I don’t agree with everyone on the list, but I think it is insane to not give you that Tebow is better than some of the starters in the NFL–let alone the backups.

    People just don’t like Tebow because he looks silly when he throws. They ignore the fact that he runs better than 90% of QBs and he turns the ball over less than…wait for it…EVERY OTHER QB*. His throws are inaccurate in part because he is taking great pains to not throw INTs, instead of taking chances to make himself look good. When teams played prevent defenses against him and he had to win with his arm at the end of games, he did just fine.

    He certainly isn’t elite ( has decided that he is essentially a neutral QB (slightly positive WPA, right in the middle of the pack)**), but he is good enough to manage games and not screw up on the offensive side of the ball, which is better than 5-10 guys that suit up every Sunday.

    *In case you’ve ignored the stats for the past couple years: . He threw about one INT every three games, for 2.4% of throws–which would be about 10th all time.


    • Backups are really only good for that role because if they were talented enough to be a starter, I think they would be one already.
      We’ve learned with injuries to guys like Manning and Rodgers, you have to have a solid backup or you’re likely doomed.
      But let’s be honest, Tebow comes with such a following that it is a distraction. Can you imagine if the Patriots kept him what their reaction would be when Brady was having trouble early on? They’d be calling for him to take Brady’s place and bench a Super Bowl/MVP/HallofFame QB in favor of a “neutral QB.”
      It would only add to the frustration and feed the circus that comes with him. I think that’s one of the reasons why most teams stayed away from him.

      • You are 100% correct–I think that the fans are the real reason GMs don’t want want him (the irony!). But NFL owners (e.g., Jets, Dolphins, Cowboys) have shown that they’re willing to do things that they think are best for the team, public be damned. I don’t know because I’m not in the NFL locker room, but I think it could be worth the distraction for a few teams–especially if they don’t pay him millions of dollars.

  22. Daniel Frysinger

    Tebow is 8-6 as a starter, with 4 of those wins coming by way of last second field goal. Thank Prater.

  23. Daniel Frysinger

    It was 7 lost fumbles. Im just pointing out that he does have turnovers, and apparently its his style of play that led to them.

    • He does have turnovers, but so do Brady, Manning, Rodgers, etc. And he has less of them. That was my point, not that he was perfect. I’m saying his lack of turnovers MAKES UP for other areas where he is deficient, to the point where he is decidedly not the worst QB in the league.

  24. Daniel Frysinger

    12 passing touchdowns, 6 rushing touchdowns. 6 interceptions, and 5 lost fumbles. He does not have the ability to put up the numbers that those quarterbacks do. He can barely sustain a drive. Everyone seems to forget how well Denver’s defense played considering all the 3 and outs he had. If it wasn’t for a few balls falling his way, Praters last second field goals, or the defense holding teams under 21, he can’t win football games.

  25. Daniel Frysinger

    More over, there are at least 3 quarterbacks that come out of college every year with an ability to run the option. Yes, they may not be built like a fullback like Tim Tebow, but I’d bet good money they are faster, and have better accuracy. These quarterbacks don’t expect the system to be rewritten for them. Fans aren’t upset at the NFL and accusing them of blackballing the those guys. I would love to see more option in the NFL, mostly because I love seeing these guys that specialize in getting to the quarterback(James Harrison, Clay Matthews) completely fooled by a play that most high school ends make.

  26. All nfl QBs benefit from good pk, not just Tebow with Prater in Denver. Geez. Do not have to revamp entire system with Tebow, he was 1-2 in 2010 with Broncs and looked good. But when King John took over with Fox they never gave him another chance. Sounds familiar. Nfl zombies do not want to change their playbook even to win more games. But they tweaked things with Wilson etc and could do same with Tebow bt would have to put much more emphasis on run which they don’t want to do. The Jets will stick with a wildly inconsistent qb Geno whose td-int. ratio is terrible yet would not let Tebow on the field when his ratio is much better and is a proven runner and winner. Such is the wierd logic of Tebow haters. They never think that he could improve his passing with some more game experience- he has never played a full season – yet other qbs get many chances and just continue to lose. Jags are sad sacks. Why don’t they just give Tebow a shot at least. Are they afraid Tim might win a few games and show them all up. Same with all couch coaches, are you all afraid Tebow might do well and actually win games and improve his passing. That would disturb you greatly and therefore you and the NFL types find it easier to dismiss him with a significant amount of bias and nonsense while at the same time be quietly immune to nfl qbs like Geno,Sanchez,Weeden, Pryor,Flynn,Orton,Kolb,Henne , Gabbert et al. Are you haters so afraid Tebow might succeed if given some reasonable time and a truly fair chance. Or are there really other hidden reasons for your brittle, relentless bias and abuse.

  27. To clarify, in Denver in2010 Tebow played in regular system and did pretty good for 3 games at end of season.If McDaniels had not been fired Tebow likely would have continued starting in regular system in 2011. But Elway and Fox arrived that year and only used Tebow in the spread with very limited passing when the loser Orton failed miserably at the start of that season. Elway never approved of Tebow and was out to get him. But Tebow excelled as he always does and reluctantly agreed to start with Tim in 2012. But along came Peyton and Tebow was history and never given a fair chance to play thereafter.

  28. Another fiction of Tebow haters- that Denver had a good defense to keep games close. Not true. Broncs ranked about 22nd in nfl defense in2011. They did shut down some bad teams like KC (twice) and Bears, but against average Vikes Ponder threw for about 300 yards and Tebows running and passing won the game. In playoff against Steelers Tebow got Broncs ahead early with long accurate passes but Steelers came back to tie score at 20 before tebow threw a beautiful bullet to Demaryius Thomas to win in ot. In the next playoff game against Pats, with Tebow playing injured and unable to run, Brady threw about 5 td passes in 1st half and Pats ran all over Denver. Yeah, some defense Denver had !

  29. Daniel Frysinger

    In 2011, a Tim Tebow led offense scored over 20 points three times. Im going to assume that the defense is partly to blame for not giving up three touchdowns in the rest of those games. Which is even more impressive when you consider Tebow only completed 46% of his passes, leading to a lot of short drives. The Broncos completed 30% of their third downs in 2011, 30th in the league. They spent a lot of time on the field, with the offenses inability to put together drives and get first downs. Prater had 4 game winning field goals in 2011. That’s half of Tebow’s 8-6 record. He misses one, and Tebow is a .500 quarterback. You don’t need in game practice to fix terrible throwing motion. He had three NFL seasons, plus a Patriots training camp to improve. He couldn’t, so he got cut.

  30. I’m so tired of people saying the defense in Denver was good in 2011. No, they just played some of the most abysmal offenses in the NFL. A Miami that had no wins at the time and required a last minute comeback, the Jets with Mark “Ridin the Bench” Sanchez that also required a last minute comeback, the elite Ponder led Vikings(who hung up like 32 on them) and finished the season 2-14, the Bears with a 2nd string back and 3rd string QB, the Raiders with a freshly signed

  31. I’m so tired of people saying the defense in Denver was good in 2011. No, they just played some of the most abysmal offenses in the NFL. A Miami that had no wins at the time and required a last minute comeback, the Jets with Mark “Ridin the Bench” Sanchez that also required a last minute comeback, the elite Ponder led Vikings(who hung up like 32 on them) and finished the season 2-14, the Bears with a 2nd string back and 3rd string QB, the Raiders with a freshly signed Carson Palmer who hadn’t started a game in nearly a year. Out of all the teams they beat, none of them finished above 8-8 that season as did the Broncos who only got into the playoffs based on a tiebreaker and the Chiefs choking in week 16.

    And the Steelers win? Good on em, but flukes happen. The Steelers had one of the best Defenses in the NFL that year and he beat them. So by that logic when he goes against one of the worst defenses in the Patriots he should crush them even worse, right? Flukes happen, and that’s all the Pittsburgh win was. That entire season looks good if you just look at win/loss but a W isn’t always just a W, how got it actually does matter in the long run of a franchise