Is Aaron Williams the Bills unsung hero?


On a Buffalo defense where everyone is talking about Mario Williams racking up sacks and Kiko Alonso looking like the rookie of the year, there has been a player who is doing a tremendous amount of work while receiving very little credit for it. Safety Aaron Williams it seems is being lost in the madness of having three players with the same last name on the roster, which is truly a shame because he has thus far been one of our best players.

Aaron’s 54 total tackles (38 solo) after nine games this season are good for 3rd most on the team and already surpasses his previous record of 32 which he had the past 2two consecutive seasons. Williams led the team in tackles last week against the Chiefs and along with his three interceptions this year, he is well on his way to shattering his career high numbers in almost every single category.

Even more valuable than Aaron’s statistics however is that in a single off-season he became a versatile player and now plays the safety position while allowing him to fill in for cornerback when needed. That option has already proven useful after experiencing a slew of injuries in the Bills secondary as Stephon Gilmore breaking his wrist was a lot more bearable because of the play of Aaron Williams and Leodis McKelvin.

The new coaching staff has observed something valuable in Aaron Williams and they sure nailed it on the head. In my opinion the guy deserves a little more credit than what he has been getting. Week in and week out he is all over the field giving max effort to make positive plays for his team, and it appears as though this is just the beginning. Aaron Williams may not be seen as a shining star on this team right now, but if he continues progressing like he has thus far, then it won’t be long until he is.

I would also like to point out that Aaron Williams is the only Buffalo Bills player on this year’s team to converse with me on Twitter, and on several occasions. Most professional athletes don’t have normal everyday conversations with their fans on Twitter the way Williams does, and so that gets a tip of my hat.

Keep up what you’re doing Aaron Williams because from what I see you are definitely going in the right direction. I am looking forward to seeing where your game goes from here because it certainly isn’t slowing down at all. Good luck on the rest of the season Aaron and GO BILLS!!!!

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