Denver Broncos Fact or Fiction: Broncos best in AFC?

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Welcome to the first installment of Denver Broncos Fact or Fiction!

Here, we’ve compiled three different questions in an effort to spark debate, not only between writers, but you, the readers, as well.

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Fact or Fiction: Losing John Fox will hurt the Broncos

Rich Kurtzman – Fact: John Fox is a conservative head coach who leaves you scratching your head at challenges or the lack thereof, but he’s a leader of men. Fox turned the terrible Carolina Panthers into Super Bowl contenders quickly, and with the help of Denver’s front office, has the Broncos in that same position for the second straight season, his third with the team. Fox is cool under pressure, while interim man Jack Del Rio has a tendency to get fired up. That calmness seems to rub off on players, and likewise, Del Rio’s excitement could push the Broncos to make boneheaded plays at key moments.

Chris SchmaedekeFiction: Coach John Fox surrounded himself with good coordinators especially Jack Del Rio on the defensive end. The Broncos will not miss a beat with Del Rio taking over. He doesn’t even have to worry about the offense as Peyton Manning and Adam Gase have it under control.
It may be a different voice in the locker room but it will be the same message. The Broncos are all about the Super Bowl and with Del Rio at the helm it won’t change.

Ryan Koenigsberg – Fiction: I think it will actually have the opposite effect, and this is not a shot at John Fox’s  coaching style which I (and many others) have been critical of before. I say this because I think the situation will be a rallying point for the Broncos. I know that coach Fox’s situation isn’t nearly as severe as Colts head coach Chuck Pagano went through, but I think it can have a similar influence for the team. This is a team who has really only been playing for pride and for the fans up to this point, with of course the loss to the Ravens fueling them, but eight games into the season those wounds aren’t as fresh as they once were. This situation now gives the Broncos something new to go out there and fight for every week. I think the Broncos go undefeated in coach Fox’s absence.


Fact or Fiction: Peyton Manning will win the NFL MVP

Koenigsberg – Fact: Peyton Manning is on pace to break the all-time record for the two biggest quarterback stats there are, yards and touchdowns. The reality is, if he breaks either of those records it will be pretty hard to keep that award away from Peyton. The way things are going I don’t see Manning or the Broncos offense slowing down at all and I don’t buy in to the cold weather being a factor in that. I expect Manning to go on to break both of those records and have what will be considered the best regular season ever by a quarterback, in that scenario there in no chance that Manning doesn’t win the MVP.

Schmaedeke – Fact: It will be a close race but Manning has been the most important player to any team. You could say the same for Tom Brady and Drew Brees but Manning’s numbers are far better than both those quarterbacks.
Manning’s value will even be higher with Fox being out as Manning becomes even more of a coach on the team. The Broncos would be doomed with Manning on the field.

Kurtzman – Fact: Manning has been down-right magical with the football in his hands this season and after he’s done rewriting the record book, he’ll win a fifth MVP. Of course, once the NFL does that, they’ll have to change that record — which he already owns — as well.


Fact or Fiction: The Broncos are the best team in the AFC

Schmaedeke – Fact: There is plenty of competition for the top spot in the conference. The Chiefs are still undefeated and the Patriots look to be getting their groove back. But the Broncos are still the best of the AFC.
The Broncos offense is the best in the NFL and the defense looks to be getting better after a win over the Redskins. A win over the Chiefs in a couple weeks will leave no doubt that the Broncos are top dog in the AFC.

Kurtzman – Fiction: To be the best, you have to beat the best. Right now, the Kansas City Chiefs, at 8-0, are the best team in the AFC. They’re the last remaining team to stay unbeaten; no matter who you play, that’s impressive. The Chiefs’ defense is dynamic, physical with a bit of nasty; their cornerbacks could truly present problems for Denver’s wide receivers and timing with Manning. When the two AFC powers collide twice over the next month, it will be great theater and the cream will rise to the top.

Koenigsberg – Fact: At their best the Broncos are not only the best team in the AFC, but in the NFL. When they are clicking, the offense is unstoppable, and when the offense gets a lead the defense is pretty prolific as well. The Chiefs may be undefeated, but the fact is, they haven’t showed anything that tells me they are going to beat the Broncos. I will take a Peyton Manning led team over an Alex Smith led team pretty much regardless of what the rest of the team is. When you add in the fact that Manning also has the best receiving corps in the league it makes it a no-brainer in my mind, The Chiefs defense is undoubtedly superior to that of the Broncos but in my mind that doesn’t out weigh the differential between the offenses. Either way I am excited to see the matchup.


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