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17. New York Jets (5-5) – The on-again, off-again nature of the Jets continues, as they got pounded in Buffalo coming off of their bye week. History says they win in Baltimore this week, but the eye test certainly doesn’t tell us that. (LW: 15)

18. Cleveland Browns (4-6) – They missed out on a great opportunity after a second-quarter collapse in Cincinnati. The Browns still can’t put together all facets in big games, which prevents them from being a contender. (LW: 18)

19. Baltimore Ravens (4-6) – Just when they got their running game going again, they can’t seem to find any traction through the air. The defense is not making any dynamic plays, either. (LW: 17)

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-6) – Look out, as the Steelers are still gaining ground as a competitive force in this division. Winners of three of last four, this team could make a late-season push and play spoiler. Big Ben with a monster game. (LW: 23)

21. New York Giants (4-6) – After starting the season 0-6, the G-Men can get within one game of first place with a win at home this Sunday against the Cowboys. A loss, however, may make their rebound totally go for naught. (LW: 22)

22. San Diego Chargers (4-6) – It’s really no exaggeration to say the Chargers are just four plays away from being 8-2, but heartbreak struck again on Sunday as San Diego dropped a tight one to the Dolphins. It’s just been a bizarre season of missed opportunities for the Bolts. (LW: 19)

23. St. Louis Rams (4-6) – The Rams improved their 2014 draft position during their bye, simply because the Washington Redskins lost again. St. Louis owns the Redskins pick this year (from the RGIII trade) and will keep a close eye on Washington down the stretch. (LW: 21)

24. Tennessee Titans (4-6) – The Titans blew a two-score lead and lost at home in a game that would have taken them to just one game back of the Colts in the AFC South. They may be better than their 4-6 record, but the NFL is about wins and the Titans only have four. (LW: 20)

25. Oakland Raiders (4-6) – Matt McGloin? Matt McGloin! The undrafted free agent quarterback had a stellar starting debut against the Texans, throwing for three TDs and no picks. Now the question is, who will be the team’s starting QB the rest of the way? (LW: 26)

26. Buffalo Bills (4-7) – The Bills continue to be the NFL’s grittiest team, bouncing back from one adversity after another. Rolling the Jets was impressive. But unless they run the table after this week’s bye, it might not matter. (LW: 27)

27. Washington Redskins (3-7) – Mike Shanahan’s team has seemingly had nine lives this season, but Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, where a win could have gotten them within a game of first place, is probably the final nail. (LW: 25)

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8) – Break up the Bucs! Winners of two in a row, Tampa Bay defeated Atlanta in a decisive manner on Sunday. Fourth-string running back Bobby Rainey was great and the defense made plays as they have all season. (LW: 32)

29. Minnesota Vikings (2-8) – It’s tough to gauge the team’s performance playing in the league’s most hostile environment in Seattle. Is the Josh Freeman experiment ready for another reboot? (LW: 28)

30. Atlanta Falcons (2-8) – Atlanta loses again, and again in pretty convincing fashion. It seems that each week you wait for the Falcons to turn a corner and play as they did a year ago, but injuries have just caused too many holes. (LW: 30)

31. Houston Texans (2-8) – Gary Kubiak was back, yet it made no difference. Houston was beaten at home by quarterback Matt McGloin and the Oakland Raiders. Yes, Matt McGloin. Kubiak’s head could roll over this eight-game losing skid. (LW: 29)

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) – It was back-to-earth time for the Jags. But they did score at home this week, which has proven rare. The good news is that they are back in the lead for the top pick in the NFL draft. (LW: 31)


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  1. How does Pittsburgh and San Diego get ranked above Oakland? Oakland beat both teams decisively and all have the same record.