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Sunday night was huge for us. Fortunately everything came together and we were able to be the better team that day. Peyton and the rest of our offense played a great game against a really good defense.

And you know I was proud of how our defense managed to work as a unit and improve from the weeks before. Overall it was another great team win and exactly the way we wanted to start out this difficult stretch of the season.

Now we’ve got to turn our focus to the Patriots. They’re another team that you can’t take anything for granted with. Especially since we play them on their home field, you know we’re going to be working hard all week to keep the momentum going and try and finish the regular season strong. Obviously our goal is going to be to win out so we can be number one heading into the playoffs and have home field advantage for the big games.

But we all know when you work hard you’ve got to balance that out with a little play. I always play video games in my down time so I finally picked up my new PS4 that I preordered this summer. The graphics looks amazing and I love playing the new 2K14 on it. Going to movies with my wife and playing video games is how I like to relax after working hard all day.

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Broncos UP!

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  • Adam

    Love these posts Chris! Thanks so much for taking the time to connect with the fans. Keep that confidence going. Denver is the class of the NFL!

  • King barber

    Broncos up!