Peyton Manning is mentally soft; time to be accountable


It’s time to be accountable. Peyton Manning must take accountability and accept the much deserved criticism for his play last night and throughout his career in the clutch. Denver Broncos fans have much love and admiration for Peyton Manning because frankly he saved the masses from the Tebowmania that swooping through Denver. Manning was everything that Tebow wasn’t: A Super Bowl winning QB, a proven NFL star, a pocket passer, a man who could throw a football, someone who was respected by offensive players, a viable offensive threat, need I go on?

Peyton Manning has been given a pass during his short time in a Denver Broncos uniform and throughout his entire NFL career. The Colts dared not criticize their savior or hero and fans and media alike in Denver have been avoiding the same. Peyton Manning will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, regardless if he doesn’t win another championship. But, Manning although brilliant in the weekly game plan, should also be remembered as a man who is mentally soft, high maintenance and folds under the pressure of big games and high expectations.

No need to look at the stats when the proof is in the pudding. Need examples? Go to a home Broncos game at Sports Authority Field. As a season ticket holder, I cannot remember at any time where John Elway would ask the home crowd to shut up during an offensive series. Maybe a handful of times at the goal line with the game on the line could that be an acceptable request. Is Manning really incapable of running an efficient offense at his home stadium unless it is silent? This is a game atmosphere and fans pay top dollar to watch one of the proudest and most successful franchises in NFL history, I’ll be damned if I’m going to shut my mouth so that you can pretend its training camp or practice.

Peyton Manning cannot perform at a high level in cold weather. That is a problem when football is a COLD WEATHER GAME!! Manning owns a 3-6 record when playing in temperatures below 32 degrees. In those games, Manning has a touchdown-turnovers ratio of 9 touchdowns to 11 interceptions. What is Manning and the Broncos to do if they play a cold weather game from now until February? Manning needs to toughen up and bare the elements, rather than fidgeting with his gloves, worrying about personal comfort and other variables outside of his control, just as his teammates who have sacrificed their bodies and careers for his health, his wellbeing and the success of the team.

Peyton Manning let his team down last night when they needed their leader to show some guts and drive the ball down the field in overtime. Bill Belicheck literally slapped the face of Peyton Manning by deferring the ball in overtime and choosing to play with the wind at their backs. Belicheck and the entire nation knew that Manning couldn’t do these things: play in cold weather, with a glove on his throwing hand, into the wind and in a game where he ultimately had to be the best player and carry his team to victory. Manning failed his team when they needed him most. Go ahead and blame the receivers for not catching the overthrown balls or the balls thrown behind them. Go ahead and blame Holiday for causing DRC’s injury or for muffing punts. Go ahead and blame Wes Welker and Tony Carter for the miscue in overtime. I’m putting my blame on the leader and true captain of the team. As a Bronco fan you should too, instead of continuing to give him a pass because he beat Rex Grossman in the Super Bowl.

Roberto Padilla is a Radio Talk Show Host in Denver, Colorado. He is originally from Springfield, Virginia and has been in Denver since he was moved as a young child during the Redskins Super Bowl XXII season, one that saw the Redskins defeat the Denver Broncos 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII. You can follow Roberto on Twitter @RealRobertoNFL or send questions and feedback to

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  • BroncosRoc2

    Some of these are valid points but Sunday night goes way deeper than Manning’s toughness. Where in the rules does it say when you have a lead you need to play soft as a team. Its time for a coach (like a Bilecheck) yes spelled wrong, to step on the throat when we have the upperhand. not only would the team not be soft, tams who play them would now that there is no let up. Always I remember our team and others always getting relaxed. And yes that ball should have been caught by Thomas in 3rd down. Go up and fight for a dang ball. And Decker quit trying to act for a penalty and fight for a ball and Welker catch a cluth ball so our awesome kicker can boot a Friggin kick. And finally yes Manning …….. Look a little pissed off and spark a team get fired up, maybe keeping Tebow on the sideline would have been a good idea…. Some needs to fire up this team

  • doc holiday

    Sounds like this guy thinks the King is wounded and he can come out from under his rock,or Mom’s basement.

    • doc mypay

      If by King, you mean the 40 Million Dollar Man who has thus far succeeded in winning exactly 0 post season games and delivering forehead palming embarrassment every time the pressure is ratcheted up, then yes, I would guess that this guy thinks it is safe to bring out some objective analysis for a guy who should man up and take it.

  • Jim

    Excuse everyone else but not PFM. No, football is a team sport. This game and every other game is won or lost because of the effort or lack of and the mistakes or lack of made by the team. To single out one player when multiple fumbles, dropped passes bad passes missed tackles occurred is nonsense. The Broncos lost move on, get people healthy, work out a game plan for KC and go 14-2 and get home field advantage.

  • A

    The writer of this article is the reason why fans are called fickle…cribbing about shutting up? Really? Have you seen NE crowd? Have you seen Indy crowd? Falcons?…just because you and your type are drunk and uncontrollable…please leave the rest of the broncos country out of this…go be a Raiders fanboy! Was it Soft when we scored the tying score? Did we get blown out in this game? I don’t know definition of soft but some writer is obviously compensating!

    • Not A

      The writer of this comment is why fans are called blind…cribbing about criticizing a man who’s contract guarantees him well over $1 million for his 3.5 hours of excruciating embarrassment? Really? Did you see his 150 yards in 5 quarters of play? Have you witnessed his inability to rise in the face of pressure?…just because you and your type are uncritical…please leave the rest of broncos country out of this…go be a Colts fanboy! I don’t know [the] definition of soft but some commenter is obviously compensating!

  • jeremy

    mentally soft? roberto padilla, you could not be more wrong. a mentally soft person does not relearn how to throw and come back and beat league records on a new team in a new offense. also, when dumb A-holes like you stfu it makes it much easier for him to communicate to his offense how to exploit weaknesses in the other teams defense in real time at the line of scrimmage, as he has done in many regular season and play off games in the past (your “training camp or practice” comment shows that you have no understanding of how manning completely redefined the way the qb position is played) also not something often done by the “mentally soft”. his play last night was what the TEAM’s game plan called for. when he was needed in “the clutch” he drove 80 yards to tie the game. and the lack of drc in the secondary was obviously exploited by the patriots passing game in the second half. it’s not “blame”, it’s something that can be clearly viewed if you watch film of the game. also, i’m not sure where you saw passes that were overthrown or underthrown, but the drops i saw looked pretty well placed to me, esp given the wind conditions. an effective running game is crucial to cold weather football against playoff quality teams and sunday nights game gave denver a chance to work on strengths they will need to lean on in the play offs. blaming peyton manning for the teams loss because he stuck to the teams game plan is as ridiculous as you imply that it is to blame any of the other players you suggest people “go ahead and blame”. your analysis is terrible padilla.

  • George

    Peyton does not perform well in cold Why do Broncos not have a fullback to run 2 back formations when he is off and running game is there and fullback might help the fumbling trio of Ball Hillman and CJ have less contact and more yards without fumble.