13 years and counting, Falcons 34 Bills 31 (OT)


Well its over for Buffalo, we needed to win out and we didn’t. We can sit here and blame this game on the refs or the fact we were playing this game in Toronto but that’s not what happened. The Buffalo Bills gave this game away, plan and simple. The Falcons should not have come back from a 14 point deficit and WR Steve Johnson should have buried them. But, the Bills didn’t, and now we look on to next season and root for whoever plays the Patriots in the playoffs…again.

MVP – I am so upset right now – Nobody!!

Not a single player deserves to be called an MVP. We just lost what amounts to a Playoff game so if someone is so special to be called a valuable player then why didn’t we win? Sure LB Jerry Hughes had two sacks, but did nothing to stop the game tying drive. Kiko the legend, had a fumble recovery but that was it! and CJ lit the field on fire for three quarters but, didn’t even play the 4th. So no one is deserving of this title. Yeah, I am sick and tired of 13 years of losing…can you tell??

LVP – Stephon Gilmore

I am pretty sure that every single pass play completed by the Atlanta Falcons were made on Gilmore’s coverage. Multiple times on third down QB Matt Ryan targeted who ever was being covered by Gilmore and most of the time it was converted. I will take this a step further, CUT HIM!! He isn’t worth the jersey he wears and he single handedly let the Falcons back in the game.

X-Factor – The Rogers Center

Now yes, I realize an “X” factor is supposed to be the player that helped us win. Only problem is we didn’t win and while its not the reason we lost, this game would have looked a lot different had we played in 36 degree weather. It’s a lot harder to throw the ball in the elements, and the whole Falcons offense is passing. So while we should have won this game in the dome, it was definitely a factor in which the Falcons were able to steal this win. Or more appropriately Buffalo handing it to them on a (insert expletive) silver platter.

Key Stat – 2

Two fumbles in enemy territory. Yet again WR Stevie Johnson let us down. He fumbled the ball in a great position to keep these playoff hopes alive, and that type of momentum swing is unbearable to a team. Not to mention Chandler fumbled it in overtime, but in his defense (which he doesn’t deserve because he shouldn’t have fumbled the ball) – If Stevie held on to the ball then the game is over and Chandler is celebrating in the locker room, not costing us the game.

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What the Loss Means

It means 13 years of losing and no playoffs once again. Enough said.

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