Vegas REALLY likes the Broncos to win the AFC

324 has new odds up to win the AFC / NFC, win the Super Bowl and potential matchups in the big game. The Broncos are +300 to win the Lombardi trophy, meaning if you bet $100 today on them to win the Super Bowl, it’d pay out $300 and you’d get your original investment back. The Seahawks are the favorites, checking in at +220.

On the AFC side of things, and with potential Super Bowl pairings, is where oddsmakers really like Denver. The Broncos are -160 to win the conference (meaning you’d have to bet $160 to win $100 plus get your investment back) while the Patriots are the next closest at +360. The Bengals (+700), the Colts (+1500) and the Chiefs (+1500) round out the top five. You can still bet on the Steelers at +10,000 to win the conference if you’re feeling crazy.

When it comes to potential Super Bowl matchups, the Broncos are in each of three most heavily favored ones, while the Patriots’ odds of playing the same teams are anywhere from a little more than three times worse to a little more than four times worse.

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All this means, as the headline suggests, is that Las Vegas really thinks the Broncos will play at MetLife Stadium on February 2. Whether they win it is an entirely different story. Are any of you going to get in on the action?

The story of Peyton Manning telling John Elway he was signing in Denver is really interesting.

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