Best coaching candidates


This week’s Top Five focuses on the most important topic around the Cleveland Browns: Who will be the next head coach? Here are the five best candidates.

5.) Leslie Frazier – One of the more popular coaches in the NFL was recently released after three seasons with the Vikings. He is not only well liked. Fans of the team are generally not happy about the move, thinking it was a premature exit for a quality coach. He is much like Chud in that he is a “players’ coach” but could bring a little edge that may have been missing from this season’s squad.


4.) Gary Kubiak – Things in Houston did not turn out well for Kubiak, as his health coupled with his team’s awful 2013 ended things prematurely. Truth be told, however, Kubiak is still a very viable and attractive option. He played over a decade in the league as John Elway’s back-up in Denver and later coached those teams to back-to-back Super Bowl titles. While his time down in Texas may have aged him quicker than most, Kubiak is still a guy that should be considered.

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