Positions of need in 2014


For this week’s top five, I felt it necessary to look on to the future and especially the Draft. The Cowboys will once again enter the offseason with quite a few holes. How will they plug them has yet to be seen but here is my opinion on the positions that need to be a focus.


5.) Cornerback- I haven’t given up on the corners on the roster but there isn’t much depth. B.W. Webb has shown that he needs more time to develop. Claiborne was often injured and Brandon Carr was often placed in zone, which made him look awful at times. I would like to see another corner brought on to challenge the rest of the squad but also provide depth.

4.) Safety- Though J.J. Wilcox had his growing pains at times, I was still rather impressed by his work as well as Barry Church. Both of these safeties should grab the starting roles unless a high pick is spent that direction. I feel much like the cornerback position, there is a major lack of depth and in a passing league; this could mean the end.

3.) Linebacker- The Cowboys were handicapped by this position. Though I feel that Sean Lee is a great fit, he is often injured. Bruce Carter took a major step back and that is unfortunate, I question his drive to play football. The Cowboys need to go after a high-motored 4-3 linebacker to help this defense create an identity that doesn’t follow with 400+ yards given up.

2.) Defensive End- I feel DeMarcus Ware will make a comeback in 2014, but who will be on the other side of him. I believe the Cowboys should spend a high draft choice in this area. Most of the issues on this defense this year was due to a lack of pass rush. Though Selvie played admirably, it’s hard to picture him as a starter in 2014.

1.) Defensive Tackle- Hatcher has most likely played his last down as a Cowboy. The Cowboys defense cannot function without a 3-tech defensive tackle. The 3-tech is responsible to create the most pressure on the quarterback and force linemen into his lap. Like Warren Sapp was for Tampa Bay, the Cowboys will need this position more than any. Shoring up this defensive line is the main focus according to Stephen Jones, and it starts with a dominant force in the middle.

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