Looking back with a visit to Motown


With the season over for the Bears we thought it would be fun to take a trip around the NFC North and get a perspective from each team. Today we start with the Detroit Lions and their managing editor William Burns.

1) Who was the one person this year that had the most positive impact on your team’s final season record?

The person that made this biggest impact had to be running back Reggie Bush. His presence alone changed the way defenses played and not only did he have a successful year running the ball, he offered great hands in the pass game too. While the Lions didn’t finish as hot as they started off, there is a very good chance that the team wouldn’t have had that beginning success at all with out Bush in the offense.

2) Who is the most overrated player on your team and why?

The most overrated player on team is Louis Delmas. He’s a good player that talks way too much smack. He makes a good play only once or twice a week and gets burned down the field the rest of the game. Now Detroit doesn’t really have anyone better right now to replace him, but still, if Delmas would keep his mouth shut, he probably wouldn’t be on my list.

3) What is your overall feeling on the job done by your team’s entire coaching staff?

Seeing as how three coaches have been fired so far, including head coach Jim Schwartz, I’d say the coaching staff didn’t really win the fans over this year. Let’s give respect where its due though because Schwartz and his staff took on a job nobody in the business wanted. The staff gave five solid years and did find shimmers of success, but only shimmers. The right coaching staff combined with the talent in Detroit makes the lions a favorable job offer this time around. As for this year’s staff, it’s time to move on.

4) Which side of the ball do you think made the most progress as a unit in 2013?

It has to be the offense. Despite the lack of firepower in the second half of the season, the Lions were able to rack up some serious points and could the move ball quite effectively a lot of times. Reggie Bush was a big part in that. With his running ability, it opened up an even more powerful passing game. The Lions defense is going to need a major tune up if the Motor City wants to take it to the next level.

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