Alex Smith wins an honor after fantastic Chiefs playoff debut


It’s Monday, so that means it’s time to give out a Game Ball. With the season ending so terribly, it’s hard to remember there were actually a lot of guys who played well in KC’s 45-44 loss to Indy.

Alex Smith (QB)

Smith came to Kansas City to get the shot in the playoffs he never had a season ago, and the quarterback certainly wasn’t the reason the Chiefs lost. He was 30/46 through the air for 378 yards and four touchdowns, and just as impressive with his legs. The former 49er scampered eight times for 57 yards, helping Kansas City move the chains multiple times in the first half. With the loss of Jamaal Charles on just the sixth play of the game, it was crucial for someone to step up and play like an MVP candidate. Smith did just that on Sunday, and did his part in what should have been the first playoff win in 20 years for the Chiefs.

This meme describes the emotions of Chiefs’ fans on Saturday perfectly.

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