Arthur Blank wants Falcons to be tougher

Arthur Blank

Arthur Blank is a rich man, but that doesn’t take the place for having a winning football team. The Atlanta Falcons fell on hard times this season, unable to follow up their 13-3 performance from 2012. While Mike Smith and general manager Thomas Dimitroff kept their jobs, both line coaches, offensive and defensive, were fired last week.

It stands to reason now that Mr. Blank has spoken to the media in regards to his teams play and where he would like to see them go next year. As told to Vaughn McClure of, Blank said, “I think the nature of the game is that it’s a physically violent game, Blank said when discussing the teams decision to fire the line coaches.

“It is a tough game. To play football on the professional level and the college level or even the high school level, you’ve got to be a tough kid. You’ve got to be a tough person, I think. And I think a lot of our players are certainly that.”

Blank when on to say, “I think, at the end of the day, if I asked you, give me a brief definition of what toughness is, I think you might say something else, but you might say to me it’s how you control the line of scrimmage. Can you run the ball? Can you stop the run?”

“And I don’t think we did either one of those things very well this year. So I would say, if you looked at toughness from that perspective, I don’t think we were as tough as we needed to be.”

If the Falcons can walk the talk, Atlanta will have no problem attaining their prior status of NFC elite.

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  • Samuel

    The owner needs to get that message across to his general manager and coach. If not, these guys could be out the league next year.