Pro Bowl tackle Branden Albert in Miami next year?


While watching the playoff games, it is interesting to find Ex Dolphins and see how well they were doing. I also was trying to look ahead, I was also looking at what could’ve been for the Miami Dolphins.

Before last year’s draft, the Dolphins and Chiefs were talking about a trade. It would be a second round pick for tackle Branden Albert, who has always been a good left tackle but it was pretty clear that the Chiefs would take Eric Fisher to play left tackle.

Ireland was acting stubborn and couldn’t seal the deal. Instead of trading his early second round pick, he wanted the Chiefs to take their later pick (that the Dolphins got from the Vonte Davis trade).

Since the trade never happened, Albert went on to have an awesome year for the Chiefs, getting a pro bowl nod.

The Dolphins spent their second round picks on Jamar Taylor and also traded up for Dion Jordan. Neither of those guys made an impact like Albert. The Dolphins were stuck playing Jonathan Martin at left tackle and I’m sure we all remember what happened there.

So, is it possible that free agent, Pro Bowl tackle Branden Albert is on the Miami Dolphins?

Yes, there is actually a very good chance of that happening. If Jeff Ireland is still the GM when free agency rolls around, Albert would most likely be the number one target for the Dolphins.

The thing is, there are a lot of reasons not to sign Albert. There is a very high possibility that Albert could step back after getting his big paycheck. He has always had an attitude issue, if Ireland was to overpay him (which he would) his drive to play at a high level may not be there.

While Albert is a great tackle there are too many red flags on giving him a big contract. Jeff Ireland’s track record shows that he loves to overpay his linemen who go down as busts. If Ireland is still the GM, it is a very good possibility that we will be adding Albert to that list.

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