Cowboys brass need to empower Garrett


The Cowboys have made the choice to stick with Jason Garrett. Though that may be the unpopular choice, it is the right choice. But the job isn’t done if you ask me folks.

The Cowboys now need to do the exact opposite of what they did in 2013, empower the Head Coach.

It has never made sense to have a head coach without the decision power to choose a.) his own staff, and b.) his own methods. As much as Jerry loves his precious baby, he needs to relinquish just a little bit to the “right kind of guys.”

Those “guys” are Stephen Jones, Will McClay and Jason Garrett, but most importantly Garrett. It is so important that this come to fruition for any future success of this franchise. Last year the public emasculation trick didn’t work, the hire of 73 year old Monte Kiffin failed and the injuries stayed the same. In order for this team to be able to achieve their capabilities they will have to shift their focus primarily to the draft and getting younger on the defensive line. The Owner and General Manager needs to let Garrett make the hires on the staff across the board. With new rumors circulating of things being “dicey” with Callahan and Garrett; it’s time Garrett hire his guys and take the reins back of his system.

Though I believe Jerry Jones is a brilliant man, I don’t believe that he is more brilliant “football-wise” than Jason Garrett. The Drafts for instance have been better because of Jason Garrett, not Jerry Jones. This team is in drastic need of some change but we all know that Jones isn’t giving up his title. So the only thing to do is to empower your coach. If Garrett is empowered to do as he pleases, then win, lose, or draw; he was at least given a chance.

Right now it is obvious that Garrett hasn’t been given his fair shake. If he fails to get this team to the playoffs next season he will be out the door, but you can’t fire a guy in my opinion who was never set up to succeed. Empower Garrett and let him show you what he’s capable of, or stay status quo and continue to revel in mediocrity.

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  • chris

    Finally a writer that gets it! Change will never do in Dallas till Jerry let’s a coach do his thing! Jerry said he trusts Jason, then let the man coach! Let him hire the next D- coach! And let the man take back his offense! If he fails THEN its on him. So tired of the coaching changes in Dallas with no “real” change!

  • Anonymous

    The Cowboy brass needs to be fired, first of all. Second, is getting a great coach, Jason is a good coach, but he is not great and is not able to change the culture of the team. Bottom line, Jerry sell the team. Do everyone a big favor.

  • William

    The problem is Jerrry thinks that “anyone” can coach the team and GM is not a significant job. I wonder if Jerry would still have these thoughts if he were not making money? Jerry’s focus is obviously the money and not winning another championship. His actions are proving that to be true. His track record (16 years w/out Jimmy) shows that he doesn’t know as much as he thinks he knows. Jerry! PLEASE do your fans a favor and let Football people handle the Football business. PLEASE!!!