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Another year in the books and Detroit found a way to go from being the No. 3 seed in the postseason to not even making the playoffs. The collapse made Detroit the laughingstock of the NFC North and crippled their reputation as the next up and coming team in the NFL.

Despite the downfall, the Lions had some monster performances and a few of those athletes deserve recognition. We’re going to take a moment to look past the Lions failed season and focus on those who carried Detroit all year long.

Offensive Game Ball: Calvin Johnson

Let’s be real, who else were you expecting? Johnson had another crazy year receving as he hauled in just under 1,500 yards on 84 receptions and brought down 12 touchdown passes. His most memorable performace was against the Dallas Cowboys as Johnson shreded through the secondary, gaining 329 yards in Detroit’s best comeback game of to date.

Johnson was forced to sit out a couple times this season due to a nagging knee injury. Despite the injury, Johnson was able to have another successful season in Detroit. The only thing missing on his outstanding career is a playoff victory.

Defensive Game Ball: Ndamnukong Suh

Quarterbacks in the NFL had plenty to worry about when they lined up against this all-pro defensive end. Suh made a statement on game days by tallying 49 tackles and racking up 5.5 sacks. His most memorable game was against the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving day with Suh sacking Matt Flynn for a safety which put the exclamation point on the Lions 40-10 victory over the Packers.

Suh did find himself in trouble a few times this season after being fined multiple times for hit on players that the NFL deemed unsafe plays. While some of those hits were deemed questionable, Suh didn’t let the fines affect his season in the long haul.

Both Johnson and Suh were given All-Pro honors by the Associated Press and both earned Pro Bowl honors this season as well.

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