Playmakers the Ravens may want in uniform next season


The offseason, a time where players come and go from different teams throughout the league. The Ravens will look to add key players via the draft and through trades and free agency. On the opposite end, the Ravens also have some key players who will have the opportunity to test the free agent market as well. Some players to keep an eye on for the Ravens this offseason are as follows.

Dennis Pitta

Did anyone else notice how much of a role Pitta had when he came back from his injury? Joe Flacco’s security blanket is someone the Ravens must not allow to get away, especially after the departure of Anquan Boldin just a season ago. If it is any team in the NFL that has suffered dramatically from the loss of a player, it’s the Ravens. Flacco’s numbers were nothing compared to just a season ago and Boldin is a major part of that problem. The Ravens receiving core lacks a true sure handed catcher, which was the role played by Boldin while he was on the team. Pitta now steps up as that person and provides Flacco with a great red zone presence. Pitta should be the teams number one priority signing this season, bar none.

Hakeem Nicks

The five year veteran out of North Carolina is a great young receiver who has both size and speed, which would be a great upgrade for a lackluster group of players on this Ravens team. The current Giant has amassed just under 5,000 yards and 27 total touchdowns throughout his young career and that could potentially trend into Baltimore. Playing through his final season on his contract, the Giants are not in need of any serious help at wide receiver, which is why all pieces of the puzzle point for a nice payday for Nicks and the Baltimore Ravens. Besides his physical attributes, Nicks brings a strong veteran leadership, which is something the Ravens lack. Do not be surprised if Nicks visits Baltimore in the near future.

Anquan Boldin

Weird, right? After playing for the team he faced in the Super Bowl, the current 49er is set to be a free agent after the 2013 season. With a recent 23-20 win over the Packers, Boldin’s season is extended for at least one more week, after that he will be expected to be on the market. In reality, the price tag for Boldin may be a little too much, but the former Raven knows his old teammates and knows the system very well. If the Ravens do decide to give Boldin another shot, it would have to be for a fair price. Every Raven knows how much of an asset Boldin truly was to the team, and I think I speak for all Ravens fans when I say we would welcome him back with open arms. The 11-year veteran could be an unlikely signing, but this is the NFL, and as we all know anything and everything can happen.

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  • Vince

    No way Boldin is brough back. Ozzie never, ever admits mistakes. He is perfect.

    • Steve Q

      He will have to live with the Flacco mistake for many years. The guy is decent but not elite. Thanks Steve Q