Tim Brown tells Mark Davis that he is here to help


Former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown was on a Sirius sports radio show recently when he told the hosts that he has had conversations with Raiders owner Mark Davis about helping the team. According to Brown, whether people like it or not, he will always be associated with the Raiders making reference to his nickname “Mr. Raider” and the infamous Greg Papa call “Touchdown Tim Brown” as examples of why he will always be tied to the Silver and Black.

Since he is tied to the Raiders, Brown figures he might as well be associated with the Raiders in an official capacity. He wanted to be clear that he is not looking for a job, but at the same time, he is willing to do what it takes to help out the Raiders organization. As an example, he said that he would be happy to call or even fly out to meet free agents in an effort to get them to sign with the Raiders.

This is not Earth shattering news since many former Raiders are active with the team still. In fact, probably the most interesting part about it is the fact that he has been in contact with Mark Davis. It has not been a secret that Davis has reached out to others for advice since inheriting the team and perhaps Brown has been one of the numbers he has been dialing.

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  • TJA

    James : Would appreciate timely updates of the results of Mark Davis and DA meeting . Please hold no punches . Tx

    • James Arcellana

      Sounds good, will do. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything very big out of the meeting though… You can follow me on Twitter @RaidersReporter for more up to date stuff, Im on there pretty much all day hahah

  • TJA

    Tx James

  • al

    Its good to hear Tim Brown wants to be part of the solution and help our Raiders. If he can help lure FAs, I say why not. He can also offer a helping hand to our WRs.

  • Michael fields

    It’s about time we need brown more then ever we do have young wide outs with major upsides but kinda have crappy hands.If we can land a vet WR pair him with brown to coach I say go do it

  • Michael fields

    If we do that then we can focus on the dline they’ll be off the field more just stop blitzing every 3rd down that’s why they suck on pass rush. The run defense is fine don’t fix what isn’t broken resign these men. You keep changing things Oakland will be more and more less attractive

  • Nick

    Tim has always been a True Raider and one of the most loyal and classy guy’s ever to wear Silver and Black. I think it’s Great that Tim has offered his services weather it’s advice to Mark, ……working with our young Receivers or working in any capacity with our organization. Nice to see one of the things most don’t talk about when talking Raider football. All these idiots (ESPN) and related self proclaimed experts who always have something negative to speak about but never bring up the family spirit and loyalty that no other team even comes close to at all!!
    Good Job Timmy!!