Andrew Luck’s unintentional nude photobomb (PHOTO)


Umm, yeah. There are photobombs, and there are PHOTOBOMBS. In an unintentional version of the photobomb, Colts superstar quarterback Andrew Luck was exposed while dressing at his corner locker following the Colts improbable comeback win over the Chiefs on Saturday.

The photo was being taken of Colts punter Pat McAfee while speaking with the media, but quickly caught fire on Twitter when Luck was noticed mostly naked in the background.

Pat McAfee quickly took to Twitter with a funny apology to the Stanford product.


While Andrew Luck has no real reason for anger or embarrassment, the Colts have history with specialists and quarterbacks quarreling. Anybody know where the “idiot kicker” Mike Vangerjagt is now? Because I know where Peyton Manning is.

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