Bengals & Kaepernick? Almost happened


The 2011 NFL Draft was loaded with quarterbacks for the taking. Early in the second round, the Cincinnati Bengals got their signal caller of the future when they drafted Andy Dalton out of Texas Christian. One pick later, the San Francisco 49ers took Colin Kaepernick, a player that some in the Bengals’ front office would have preferred.

Yesterday, the Cincinnati Enquirer is reported that owner Mike Brown wanted the team to take Kap instead of the “Red Rocket.” A decision that was nixed by offensive coordinator, Jay Gruden.

“I like this guy,” Brown said of Kaepernick, according to the report. “He has unusual mobility.”

Gruden replied, “I want Dalton. He fits what I want to do.”

While many can dispute which would have been the better selection, each quarterback has proven their worth on the NFL level.

–If you want to read about whether it is Andy Dalton or Marvin Lewis that deserves the blame, CLICK HERE.

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