Dumb tweet goes to one of our own #BillsMafia members


This weeks dumb tweet from Buffalo sure is a dandy, it comes from @wakeupralph as he questions whether or not former Bills players actually celebrate this team not making the playoffs every year.

Check it for yourself…

Now @wakeupralph and I are actually friends on twitter, as we both follow each other and tend to retweet each other from time to time, but this was by far the dumbest tweet I saw this week. I can understand players wanting to keep their records, but no respectable former Buffalo Bills player could possibly enjoy watching their team fail miserably year after year. To suggest that those players would be so classless is plain stupid and therefore warrants earning the Bills dumb tweet of the week.

As always check back next week for our latest dumb tweet of the week, and feel free to find me on twitter @JamesKriger along with @wakeupralph who really is a great (minus this tweet) and passionate Bills fan.

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