Evolution of the 2013 season brought memorable moments


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A city that had lost its winning edge in the NFC East, the Eagles were given a brand new chapter—a new light and a chance to make their first playoff trip since 2010. It was a rocky road at times, but they continued to fight forward and strive for their first playoff berth in three years.

The firing of Andy Reid and hiring Chip Kelly is one of the most memorable moments of the entire season. Fans huddled around their television screens praying that he would live up to all of the media hype and take the Eagles to the post season. The first half of football against the Washington Redskins seemed to be the most exciting 30 minutes of football that anyone had ever seen. The no-huddle play calling was fast, the plays were successful and the Redskins defense was on their heels the entire game. But the question would still remain—could Chip Kelly’s scheme last in the National Football League?

After Michael Vick went out in Week 4 against the New York Giants with a devastating hamstring injury, it seemed that all would be lost with Kelly’s offense. Although Nick Foles went on to win that game, no one expected Kelly’s high speed offense to last. This was even more true after the terrible game against The Dallas Cowboys in Week 7.

But Foles came back two weeks later, gun slinging his way into the Hall of Fame against the Oakland Raiders, when he threw seven touchdown passes. This sparked a new competitive edge for the Eagles—they finally ended their dreadful eleven-game losing streak at home against the Washington Redskins.

Winners of seven of their last eight games, Philadelphia’s regular season was culminated by a win over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17, locking up the NFC East title.

Although the Eagles lost to the New Orleans Saints this past weekend in a devastating fashion, there is no need for anyone’s head to drop. The City of Philadelphia finally got their beloved birds back, and for the first time in a long time gave fans hope of a promising season next year.

So Be proud of what this team accomplished after a 4-12 season the previous year. Be proud of a first year coach, and be proud of a quarterback who only started 10 games and was able to reach the playoffs.

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