First week of offseason news and notes


It’s been a little over week since the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from playoff contention and so starts the offseason.  With the offseason starting while the playoffs are still in full swing, there is not a whole lot going on at Valley Ranch other than evaluations of the talent and play from this past year’s 8-8 season among some of the writings on the team website.

The first story of today was a spin of the Pro Bowl but an All-Opponent team of the players that played at a high level against the Cowboys.  Check out who they have at each position.  It is a good read and quite enjoyable from a football fan’s perspective.  Read here.

Cowboy blogger Rowan Kavner investigates the cap issues that are plaguing the team, he also let’s readers know that General Manager Jerry Jones has gotten one right!  Read on.

Scout and Analysts Bryan Broaddus discuss and evaluate the linebacker position for the Cowboys.  He not only discusses the impact had on the team but their injuries as well.  To see Broaddus’ article, click here.


The National Football League’s website had a story that showcased Florida States’ finest players that played in the NFL.  It is no surprise who is at #1, he wore a blue star on his helmet.  To find out, read and see the pictures from the photo gallery.

Sports Illustrated had an interesting question: Does Jason Garrett have the toughest job in sports?  To see their point of view, check out this video.

From the ESPN website, Todd Archer discusses the Cowboys insatiable habit of drafting or signing players from small schools.  Archer shows how Dallas has gone small school shopping when it comes to players.  Read now.

And last but not least, I was able to find an article that chronicled who they thought were the worst head coaches in the NFL.  As luck would have it, only one had ties to the Dallas Cowboys.  Read to see who it was they thought was so bad.

The top four stories on our own website today talk about various topics including giving Jason Garrett the power he needs to make his own coaching decisions.

  1. Cowboys brass need to empower Garrett from editor Michael Sisemore
  2. Future is bright for Cowboys in these areas by fellow writer Matt Thorton.
  3. The Curse of JJ written by yours truly.
  4. Priority No. 1: Fix defensive line by Thorton.

Continue to come back to as we continue to deliver not only our articles but all the news we can muster about the Dallas Cowboys.

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