Is RGIII holding Redskins back from finding new head coach?


According to Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post, Redskins sophomore quarterback Robert Griffin III holds a more influential role in the Redskins organization in regards to Washington owner Dan Snyder.

Directly from Jenkins’ article, “Griffin had fierce finger-pointing tensions with his wide receivers, and he bragged to teammates that he could procure favors from the owner and influence the franchise’s direction.”

This comes as no surprise to most, the controversy between former head coach Mike Shanahan, “franchise” quarterback RGIII and owner Dan Snyder has been a headline since Griffin the Third joined the ‘Skins in the 2012 draft. Snyder and general manager Bruce Allen have already interviewed five potential head coach candidates, with Cincinnati’s offensive coordinator Jay Gruden set to interview Wednesday. While it’s clear their being thorough with the search, there’s no question RGIII’s relationship with his teammates, specifically his wideouts, creates a stench in the locker room a candidate could smell from miles away.

Is RGIII the cancer in the Redskins organization?

It sure does seem he’s the young diva quarterback has drawn a line in the sand between himself and his teammates; a sinkhole in the organization that may seem like a daunting task for potential head coaches to fill. Would you take on a job where your decisions could be trumped by a team member lower on the totem pole?


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