Raiders fans not the only ones seeing Niners bandwagon


Any Oakland Raiders fan who is active on Twitter can tell you that the majority of Raider Nation is not too happy about the Niners advancing in the playoffs. There is a natural rivalry between the two teams simply due to geography and the fan bases do not typically get along.

Given the Niners’ success in recent years, one of the things that Raiders fans have been most annoyed by is the number of bandwagon fans in the Bay Area who are suddenly sporting red and gold after never having owned Niners gear during their down years.

And now, it appears that more than just Raiders fans have taken note as Raiders players are even commenting about the Niner bandwagon on Twitter:

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  • tyvonne

    Stupid post

  • gino

    i will never break my ankles jumping on and off the bandwagon…i was there and always will be since the raiders played their games at candlestick