Rams playoff football would be great cure for bitter cold


You might have heard (or experienced), but it got a little chilly in St. Louis this weekend. Eight to 10 inches of snow, subzero temperatures… not a great weekend to be frolicking around outside.

Of course, it’s a little easier to pass the time when there’s playoff football on TV. So that’s how I spent my Saturday night and Sunday.

I watched the Kansas City Chiefs, my adopted team for the postseason*, choke away a 28 point lead.

*For rooting purposes, I decided to stay in state. Plus it would have made for a good story – worst to first. Oh well.

I watched the New Orleans Saints overcome their road woes and advance to the Divisional Round on the leg of a kicker who wasn’t with the team three weeks ago.

I watched quarterback Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals bungle their latest chance to win a playoff game.

And I watched one storied franchise – the San Francisco 49ers – defeat another storied franchise – the Green Bay Packers – on a last second field goal in the latest Ice Bowl.

Making the weekend even colder was the realization that this is the ninth consecutive postseason that has excluded the Rams. There was a stretch – 1999 through 2004 – where St. Louis basically had a standing reservation in the playoffs.

Not so much lately. Nine years is a long time to miss out on sold-out stadiums buzzing with anticipation for the next big play. Nine years is a long time to miss out on the anxious but exhilarating atmosphere of pressure-packed postseason football.

Some day (and for my own sanity, I have to believe it will be some day soon), the Rams will get another taste of football in January. The Chiefs experienced a quick turnaround. The Colts are making noise with a young roster. Even the Bengals rebuilding efforts paid dividends after a few years.

My hope is that the Rams follow suit. A return to the postseason would ease the January doldrums that follow every holiday season.

Next year, I want to spend an afternoon hunkered down with the Rams on TV. It might be cold, but it never seems as bad when your team is winning.

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