Al Davis and the Raider way lives on in Mark Davis


The Oakland Raiders and Al Davis were synonymous for many years. The owner and former coach ran almost every aspect of the football operations and was the face of the franchise like no other owner ever has been or ever will be. Even Jerry Jones is not the same type of figurehead as Davis was. So when he passed away, many began preparing themselves for what were expected to be some big time changes.

And while there have most definitely been a lot of changes, some things have stayed the same. Most notably, the Raiders still do things the Raider way.

While the majority of the league knew whether or not their head coaches would be back within a few days of the end of the season, the Raiders took their time as always with the process. Whether or not Mark Davis knew what he was going to do with head coach Dennis Allen already or not, he chose not to say much at all about Allen’s future after the season ended.

But while he did not exhibit confidence in Allen, he did express confidence in general manager Reggie McKenzie, further fueling speculation that the Raiders may in fact move on from Allen. The only piece of tangible information that Davis gave at the end of the season was that he had not yet met with Dennis Allen and would not for about a week.

Soon thereafter,  the speculation began.

As usual, the Raiders never confirm anything so even the date of the meeting was a subject of massive speculation. One moment it was to be on Monday, the next on Tuesday, the next anytime early this week. Then there were rumors the assistants were being signed to extensions, then rumors they were leaving. All the while, no one truly knew what was going on.

As Monday came and went, everyone felt they knew it would be on Tuesday. So much so that CSN Bay Area’s Scott Bair and Fallon Smith along with a number of other reporters camped out in front of Raiders headquarters for most of the day trying to find out what was happening.

But after spending the day at Raiders headquarters as Raiders fans spent the day glued to the internet waiting for news, it appeared as though there would be no news from the meeting as Dennis Allen was seen leaving the team facility while telling reporters that he had nothing for them.

At this point, everyone assumed that the meeting had in fact happened but that the Raiders were not going to say anything about what happened right away. Reporters packed up and got ready to leave the headquarters and fans finally stepped away from their computers, confident that Dennis Allen was staying on and not much else would be revealed.

Then Mark Davis flipped the script.

It was a little bit after 7:00pm on Tuesday evening that everyone learned the meeting would be happening off site. After days of speculation, Mark Davis made sure that the only one who knew when the meeting would be was him. I am not entirely sure Dennis Allen knew when and where the meeting would be until late Tuesday.

And it was not until much later that night that everyone finally learned the fate of the Raiders head coach and it was some of the least dramatic and shocking news ever to have been waited so anxiously for.

Davis even said that he found the media circus surrounding the meeting to be amusing. While everyone waited anxiously for any information out of the Raiders, one cannot help but imagine Mark Davis sitting under a picture of his father Al Davis, laughing hysterically as the media struggled to find any tangible information to report.

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