Knowshon Moreno on cover of SI with epic photo

Credit: Ron Chenoy, USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated will have regional covers this week before the NFL Divisional Round kicks off, and Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno will be featured with a still image of what became one of the best videos of the year. Benjamin Hochman from The Denver Post tweeted the cover this morning.

We did a post on the tears when they happened — during the National Anthem before the Broncos Week 13 game at Arrowhead Stadium with the Chiefs — partly because they were also set to an epic Whitney Houston classic on YouTube.

Moreno’s had a monster year for the Broncos. The former Georgia star has really come into his own, rushing for 1,038 yards and ten touchdowns. He’s also added 548 yards receiving, three touchdowns through the air, a Sports Illustrated cover and a YouTube hit.

Here’s our list of the five best Divisional Round playoff games in Broncos history.

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  • T. Ratt

    I have wondered since I first saw Moreno crying – how can one guy produce so much liquid out of his eyes. It looked like a David Blaine trick.

  • Rich Kurtzman

    I’ve seen the same question asked many times. He’s a freak of nature! Both at running the rock and…crying, evidently.

  • yapping

    The Giant bonus , The hurt,you cant take Away, the Tears Of Joy Come your way , The Thinking Of the Task We could never grasp , Would be hard To Clasp .Running that fast strong getting through brutes like you , I Have not seem Him Lose A shoe .