Mailbag: Browns need to pick a coach


I am getting impatient as the Browns decide on a new head coach. Is it better to take your time here, or do they need to pull the trigger so as to not lose out on any candidates?

-“Browns Timothy” in Cincy

Well, Timothy, fortunately for the Browns most of the other teams out there are also taking their time so there are still plenty candidates available. Unfortunately for the Browns, it’s not likely any of the good candidates will want to coach in Cleveland. Though the team does have some decent talent to build around (a good defense and Josh Gordon) it’s just not a very good place to coach and it hasn’t been for some time. The question isn’t only who do the Browns want as their next head coach but also who can they get to take over the reigns of an organization that’s in the crapper.


Gun to your head, who do you think the Browns will hire? Who would you like to see them hire?

-Julian in Cleveland

Who do I think they will hire gun to my head…I think they will hire Joe Schmoe from nowheresville that has zero experience as an NFL head coach and is probably a “valued” coordinator. I’m starting to find, as we I’m sure most Cleveland fans are, that this team will do everything they possibly can to disappoint their fans and move again one more step backwards from success into the NFL cellar.

I would like to see them hire Josh McDaniels. I know the opinions around the league are fairly split on the young New England coordinator but I think he would be a good fit with the Browns. Sure, he had no success in Denver but he was given too much responsibility as head coach and general manager. In Cleveland he would have Lombardi as his G.M and Ray Horton at defensive coordinator (hopefully) and that is a very good start for a young guy like McDaniels to come in and just focus on head coaching  responsibilities. He has likely matured since his time in Denver and he is one of the best offensive minds in the sport. If the Browns want a sexy hire that will bring some positive attention back to Cleveland, I think McDaniels is just the guy to do it!


Five All-Pros from a Browns’ roster that won four games!?!? That’s why Chud got canned, eh?

-Gerard in Chicago

First of all, any award that’s voted on by sports writers rather than the player’s colleagues or coaches and executives then I think it’s a total sham. As an idiot, biased writer I can say full well that I should have very little say on who receives an award like being named an All Pro in the NFL. That said, the Browns did show all season that they had a few players that could play at an elite level and I suppose they did deserve to win something for their individual prowess. Josh Gordon and Joe Thomas were named to the first team and T.J Ward, Alex Mack and Joe Haden were all named to the second team and were the only team with five players voted in. Even the mighty Denver Broncos had only four guys make it and maybe that shows you how little individual awards mean in the grand scheme of things.

As for Chud getting fired, that’s simply 100% about a terrible organization that has no idea how to win or how to run a good football team. The players hated the move, the fans hated the move and everyone around the NFL is still baffled as to why in the hell you fire the guy. The rebuild seemed to be in full swing and Chud seemed to be doing a good enough job to at least have another year to try and get his schemes working. Sadly, he didn’t get that other year and sadly we will be stuck as Browns’ fans with no hope of redemption for probably the next fifty years.

How close were the Browns to being in the playoffs? Eric Johnson explains how things could have been.

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  • roy dukes

    please do us all a favor and ask john gruden and end this crap

  • Kevin Gillikin

    Gosh Gruden would be great but I don’t see him leaving his cushy studio job for any position short of Dallas or New England or something.