Mailbag: Happy Birthday, Beastquake!


Welcome to our Wednesday mailbag. Every week we take your Twitter questions and answer them here on our blog. Last week in honor of International Percy Harvin day, we talked all about Mr. Harvin’s impact on returning to the team. Today it’s the three year anniversary of Marshawn Lynch’s famous playoff rush against the Saints so we’ll be all over that. You can submit your questions any time to us at @cover32_SEA.

Daniel: Billings, Montana

Today’s the three year anniversary of Beast Quake. It’s an omen that the Seahawks destroy the Saints right?

Hi Daniel, and happy BeastQuake-a-versary to you. Lynch’s touchdown run was one of the most incredible plays in NFL history, not just for this franchise. Let’s take a moment to savor the memory.

Do you smell that? It smells like… victory. Anyway, yes I have to agree that it’s no coincidence that the Saints are coming to CenturyLink Field once again three years later. It can be tempting to feel overconfident given that Seattle has beaten New Orleans the last two times they’ve visited, and I sincerely doubt that we will annihilate them the way we did on Monday Night Football last month. Even still, the Seahawks are favored by 8.5 points and should be able to pull off a victory and advance to the NFC Championship.

Cheryl: Mount Vernon, Washington

Pete Carroll gets so much crap. Sean Payton’s responsible for Bountygate. Isn’t that a whole lot worse than anything PC has done???

Greetings Cheryl, and may the spirit of the Beast Mode be with you on this day. You are definitely right about Pete Carroll getting a lot of flak in the media. A writer in the Washington Post went out of his way to troll Carroll and the team recently, and we’ll have more on that later this week. I won’t deny that Carroll has had some controversies, mostly from his USC days and now with drug issues in the secondary, but you are absolutely correct about Bountygate.

Sean Payton was suspended for an entire year but now when you hear NFL commentators discussing the Saints it’s almost like it never happened. When the news first broke I was shocked. I was genuinely concerned that the scandal would have a huge impact on the league’s popularity. As it turns out, the NFL can do pretty much anything and we’ll all lap it up and like it anyway, but it was a really dark episode. Rewarding players for taking head shots and trying to knock opponents out of the game is criminally negligent in my mind. Football is an inherently dangerous sport: it doesn’t need ill intent to seriously hurt someone. If I had my way Payton would never have coached another NFL game for the rest of his life, but I’m not an authoritarian dictator. Not yet anyway.

Whatever sins Pete is carrying, he’s a class act compared to Payton. Period.

Thanks for your questions, folks.

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