Mailbag: Is Jay Cutler overpaid?


Everybody has had a chance to settle in and reflect on Jay Cutler’s new deal. It’s no shock the polarizing quarterback has some critics. Let’s get into this week’s mailbag and break it down.


OK, let’s get right to it. Did the Bears pay too much for Jay Cutler or is that just the going rate for a mediocre quarterback in today’s NFL?

-Chris in Rockford


Well, whether Cutler is mediocre or not is anybody’s opinion. The fact of the matter is he was the best option for the Bears now and going forward in the near future. He was paid right about where he should be paid. Cutler is a top 10-15 quarterback in the NFL and if he would have hit the open market he would have probably been paid more.


Are there any coaches that you think are “untouchable” in the offseason? Anyone you’d like to see bounced outta Halas Hall?
-Greg in Peoria


There’s no such thing as an untouchable coach in the NFL. Anybody can get bounced at any time. I never condone calling for anybody’s job and won’t start here. Obviously the hot name to be on the hot seat is defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. The Bears need to do a full evaluation of Tucker, the talent on the team and any new talent they can bring in including players and coaches. If they come to the conclusion a better person can do the job then they should bring him in but Tucker shouldn’t be fired just for the sake of change.


I have my opinion (Matt Forte) but give me your most valuable Bear from the 2013 season.

-Helen in Chicago


You hit it right on the head Helen. Forte was the glue to this team and the most consistent player all season. He fit right in to this new offense and had his best season as a pro. There were weeks when Brandon Marshall or Alshon Jeffery were up and down but Forte was solid for most of the games. It’s encouraging to know you have a durable dual threat option in the backfield going into next season.

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  • WillieC

    Crazy-just crazy to pay him that amount! Best option-maybe. He won’t last 7-yrs. 3-yr. guarantee O.K. Won’t play any better somewhere else either! He is just mediocre—period!!!!