Mailbag: The best is yet to come.


While everyone is bagging on Andy Dalton for his awful performance on Sunday (and it was brutal), I think it is time to move on from Marvin Lewis before pulling the plug on Dalton after three seasons. Thoughts?
-Tom in Cincy

Marvin Lewis has had 11 years to get this right. This is no knock on his ability to be a great coach. But I believe that Lewis’ job is done here, in Cincinnati. He brought consistency instability to a franchise that has lacked that for many years. You could consider Lewis to be a “Program Builder.” It is now time for Cincinnati to move on from this era, to find a coach that will push them over the hump. That hump being, lack of playoff success.

Andy Dalton was bad on Sunday. Anyone else in your mind stand out as being equally bad? It wasn’t just Dalton, was it?
-Hank in Lexington, KY

It definitely wasn’t just Dalton. I’m a firm believer that quarterbacks take too much criticism,especially Andy Dalton. There was a point in this game where the Bengals had the lead, in scoring position; and rookie Giovani Bernard committed a turnover in the red zone, that could have easily been a touchdown and a two possession lead for Cincinnati. When you fumble the ball, and take away an opportunity for your team to score a touchdown at the same time, it kills momentum. Cincinnati was never the same after that play.

Am I the only one that doesn’t think the sky is falling with the Bengals? Yes, a playoff win would have been nice, but we were never in the same class as New England and Denver. Were we?
-Richard in Los Angeles

No you are not alone. This is a young team. Many of the Bengals’ key players have less than 5 years in the NFL. When you look at the Broncos and Patriots, they have many seasoned players. The most important? Brady and Manning. Besides, drafting Dalton and Green was a fresh start. When rebuilding,most teams have down years before ever reaching the postseason again. This is the most consistent the Bengals have ever been. Fans in Cincinnati need to be more supportive. Don’t kick your team after a loss. Support is needed most after failure. Be happy that these guys turned a spiraling club around, immediately.

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