Mailbag: What impact will Patton, Cox have Sunday?


The Carolina Panthers edged the 49ers 10-9 the last time these teams meet Nov. 10 in San Francisco.

So naturally, questions are abound this week with the 49ers visiting the NFC South-champion Panthers in a divisional playoff.

A few of the questions we received are listed below as part of our weekly mailbag — but there’s still time to be part of it! Tweet your questions to @cover32_SF.

Absolutely. Any defense would be pressed to cover Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis. Patton will likely be in man-to-man coverage all game. So yes, the opportunity will be there for him to have an impact Sunday.

It’s up to Patton to get open and Colin Kaepernick to find him.

With how well he did last week against a very talented group of receivers in Green Bay, I don’t see how the 49ers can keep Perrish Cox on the sideline Sunday. Look for him and Carlos Rogers to both play, assuming Rogers is recovered enough from a balky hamstring.

If he is, the question becomes whom do the 49ers start? It’s a good dilemma to face.

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