Mailbag: What's up with Byrd, Manuel's future and Pro-Bowl snubs


How do you think the Bills should handle Jairus Byrd this free agency period? – Alex D.

That is a really good question, the truth is I don’t know how they should handle it. I mean what do you do with one of the best free safeties in the league that is more passionate about getting paid than supporting his team? His holdout after being franchise tagged last season still does not sit well with me, and I firmly believe that if he was to fly away then our defense isn’t exactly going to fall apart. Are we a better team with him on the roster? Absolutely. However, I am not willing to bend over backwards for someone that deserted his team because he wasn’t happy about not being able to cash in on free agency. I say tag him and bag him.

Do you think EJ Manuel is the Bills’ “franchise” quarterback, or should they look to draft a QB this year? – Jake F.

I am quite confident that Manuel is the Bills franchise quarterback, and that they should not waste the time or the pick on another quarterback (unless its a seventh-round pick they aren’t quite sure what to do with). A lot of people were pretty hard on Manuel after the season ended, but he was a rookie quarterback learning a new system with new teammates and trying to read new defensive schemes. Manuel is a very gifted athlete, both mentally and physically, and I think you have to give him another season to see if there is improvement with his game. If there is improvement then you have to let him continue to develop unless he completely falls apart. He is a smart guy and I firmly believe there are very bright days in his future.

Which aspect of the Bills’ defense do you think needs the most work? – Chris B.

Without a question it would be stopping the run. The Bills were the fifth worst run defense in the league this season while having the fourth best pass defense. Being at the top of the league in sacks is great and all, but if your opponent decides to just run the ball down your throat you have to be able to stop it.

How do you feel about Kiko Alonso and Marcell Dareus not making the Pro Bowl? – Matt K.

It’s ridiculously stupid, both were the only players in the entire league who led their respective positions in fan voting but did not get selected. Now fan voting only accounts for a third of the vote but I think it is a serious slap in the face to both the players and the fans. Kiko and Dareus are not the only players who deserved to be selected over some of the players that actually did and it has not gone unnoticed by the fans. This is bound to happen when you ask the fans to vote and decide to ignore and override their voice by selecting people based on their names rather than their actual performance on the field.

What was you’re favorite moment from the 2013 season? – Braden B.

Now there were a lot of great moments this season as the team is starting to show promise and signs of developing into a potential playoff contender, but I think my favorite thing from the season would be Kiko Alonso wired for sound. It’s something me and my friends still reference while reminiscing on the season and is one of the better wired for sounds you will see. If you haven’t seen it and you’re a fan of Alonso then you must surely check it out, click here.

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