Offense clearly the big “?” heading into the offseason


Hello and welcome again to the weekly Baltimore Ravens mailbag, no need to dilly or dally lets hop right in.

After seeing Andy Dalton completely deflate on Sunday in the playoffs do you feel better or worse with having Joe Flaccco as the teams quarterback? – James. Baltimore, MD

Well James, I guess all around the answer stays the same. After watching Dalton self-destruct on Sunday it feels pretty darned good to have Flacco under center. And it feels that way for a few reasons. First of all there is the division rival standpoint. If the man who leads the Bengals can’t lead them to a playoff win that can only help this Ravens team. Flacco may occasionally have some trouble with throwing the ball to the purple and black but one thing is for certain, he knows how to win in December and beyond, something Dalton has yet to get the hang of.

The running game has been a constant topic of discussion in 2013 do you think the ravens will get that going again next season? Why? – Tiffany. Washington D.C.

Well I hate to do it to you Tiffany, I have to answer your question with if’s and but’s. I outlined in last week’s mailbag my belief as to why the Ravens struggled to move the ball on the ground. To me it all boiled down to the offensive line. I feel the Ravens are an intelligently run organization. And they can look at something and diagnose where it’s leaking and how to fix it. So IF they can sort out the offensive line and get some of those holes plugged, then my answer is yes not a doubt in my mind they can get it running again. BUT this is wholly dependent on an ‘if’ so no promises.

Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones and Marlon Brown are a pretty nice looking pass catching trio. Are you content with the team’s weapons on the outside? – Jerry. Annapolis, MD

The years before the Ravens won it all the pass catchers were a source of inconsistency and consequently a swinging door. And I feel like Anquan Boldin was really missed this year. That said, I agree completely, Jerry. I love the way Jacoby and Torrey combined with Flacco’s big arm can stretch a field. I think to answer your question Jerry, No, I feel like you can never have enough weapons and if the defense can stay on point without too much grooming. I think this team has few enough holes, that they can afford to spend some time and energy to bring in someone in. Or ideally they can stay right where they are and maybe we can see a little more from Brown. Perhaps the Ravens can groom him to fill that spot. Let’s also not forget that there is a strong possibility that Jacoby Jones will no longer be with the team given his free agent status.

If Caldwell leaves the Ravens, who would the Ravens get for offensive coordinator? J.Wings via comment section

J, it looks like Caldwell is leaving for sure. With another head coaching job within reach I would be surprised if he stayed, especially when a position opens up for an aerial offense like Detroit. It will be hard to know who will land in the spot that has yet to be vacated but some names that are getting kicked around. The Ravens could look into talents like the recently fired Rob Chudzinski. Apparently they were kicking the tires way back in 2008 and I’m sure are glad they didn’t bite now that we see how the Head Coaching experiment worked out. Another man that has shown he knows what to do with the toys he has is Scott Linehan. I don’t think anyone can say they disliked the numbers Josh Gordon and Calvin Johnson put up. But like I said before the Ravens are an intelligent organization and I fully expect them to hire a highly capable individual.

Alright guys thanks again for reading. If you got questions go ahead and fire them this way and I’ll do my best to answer for you, until next week.

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