Raiders Mailbag: Mark Davis, Dennis Allen and franchise tags


As the off season sets in for the Raiders, we will continue doing the weekly mailbag. As always, I have gotten some great questions from everyone on Twitter and have done my best to provide some insight into what is going on with the Raiders. Without further ado, here are this week’s questions.

I think this was the sentiment of most Raiders fans for most of the day on Tuesday as they awaited to hear word of what happened at the meeting between Raiders owner Mark Davis and head coach Dennis Allen. What is going on is that not everything changed when Al Davis passed away, the Raiders continue to walk to a beat of their own.

Personally, I do not think Lamarr Houston will get the franchise tag even if the Raiders are unable to re-sign him before then. General manager Reggie McKenzie is the polar opposite to Al Davis when it comes to free agent spending and will never over pay for a player. Even though it is only for one year, a franchise tag would represent overpaying Houston as he is simply not a top five caliber defensive end.

It would appear as though Davis does indeed trust McKenzie. Allen on the other hand, is likely a question that remains unanswered. In fact, Allen may only still have his job because of the fact that Davis believes in McKenzie. All signs point to Davis and McKenzie still being on the same page, and Allen may have benefited from that.

If I had my way, the tickets would have been in their lockers at the end of the season. While both of these guys have had their moments for the Raiders, neither is in the long term plan. Darren McFadden cannot stay healthy and when he has been healthy, was unable to play better than his backup, Rashad Jennings. Ford simply disappeared as he was unable to produce much at all this season. Both will hit the free agent market and it is doubtful either will be back.

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