Vikings Mailbag: Time to hire a new coach!


Each week, we open up the Vikings mailbag and answer a few questions about the week around the organization. Today, our senior managing editor, Cub Buenning took a turn.

The time is now! Let’s go. Hire a coach, already!
–Barry in Minneapolis

Cub Buenning: I would agree that we are in that prime-spot for a move to be made. The team is obviously considering all options and are still conducting interviews, so they must not be content with where they are at in the process. Some Rooney Rules to adhere too, as well. Patience there, Barry. In good time. Once the team does pull the trigger, I feel they may be fighting with other teams that want the same candidate. Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is my pick as the one that the team will bring in. Although, Mike Zimmer is the right choice, in my opinion.

Once we figure out the head coach, that guy must work immediately with Rick Spielman to figure out who will be under center in 2014. Which direction would you go with the current trio?
–Heath in Duluth

CB: I would cut bait on every quarterback but Matt Cassel. As much as I think that he is a garbage quarterback to lead any team, he does fall into one perfect category. Back-up. He is the perfect example of how I think teams should handle back-ups in the NFL. Find a former starter that has won games in the league and make him the “emergency policy.” They need to draft another and probably make a move on the most viable options in free-agency. Kirk Cousins, possibly?

Am I crazy to think that this season wasn’t near as bad as it has been made out to be? We were competitive in most games and with all the injuries, quarterback fiasco and the coaching issue, it could have been much worse.
–Christian in LaCrosse, WI

CB: Dude, you can put the straight-jacket away. To be honest, I kind of agree with you. The Vikings did compete in most games and in contradiction to last season when they seemed to figure out ways to win games, this season was the opposite. Throw in the injuries to Adrian Peterson and the issues you mentioned, it COULD have been worse. Personally, I would have stayed with Leslie Frazier, but with the recent Chris Kluwe situation, maybe the entire staff would be well-served to replace. This team can return to the playoff hunt next season with a few small alterations. That starts with finding the right guy to lead the team.

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