Watch an ordinary 12th man transform into the Seahulk


Fans of the Seattle Seahawks are an exceptionally loud, nerdy, and dedicated bunch. No other fan base in the NFL has the relationship that they do with their team. If you need proof of that, I ask how many other football fans have created two geological events with their noise?

While there are a great many identifiable fans, a few stand out in the crowd and for good reason. If you’ve seen the Seahawks at home on TV this year you’ve probably caught a glimpse of this guy:

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Thanks to the Seattle Times, we now know that his name is Tim Froemke, more commonly known as the Sea Hulk. Before every Seattle home game he goes through three hours of makeup in order to transform himself. Here’s a timelapse video of the process.

Amazing stuff. Tony Stark approves.

Pete Carroll says the Seahawks will have a whole new game plan for Saturday vs. the Saints.

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