Welcome to the Ric Flair Bowl…Woooo!


Sunday’s NFC playoff game between San Francisco and Carolina has been dubbed the Ric Flair Bowl. Flair spent the better part of four decades styling and profiling around wrestling rings for several organizations including World Wrestling Entertainment.

This past week, Flair gave a pre-game speech to the 49ers prior to their game against Green Bay. You can see the speech here.

The fact that Flair, a former prominent resident of Charlotte, gave a speech to San Francisco didn’t sit well with some of the Panthers. Wide receiver Steve Smith bought one of Flair’s robes he wore to the ring. Here’s an example from WWE.com. Perhaps he felt he got a figure-four leg lock on this one.

According to the Charlotte Observer, ¬†fans are upset and so is the team. Tom Sorenson reports that a couple of the Panthers who are “serial wooooers” weren’t happy. Flair used to be a fixture at Panthers games, appearing on the scoreboard and having people “wooo” with him. It’s their thing in Charlotte. Then came legal disputes and other issues that caused him to be taken off the board, as mentioned in the article.

On Sunday, one of these teams will be heading to the NFC title game and possibly win Flair’s heart. The other one will wind up taking a flop like Flair did for so many years. See one of the flops here.


We don’t flop on our coverage of the Cardinals.

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